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to go out on a limb and assume that you re all intelligent enough to figure out what, for example, an option labeled Start Workflow When a New Item Is Created does. That s the type of stuff I skipped over. If you have questions, feel free to ping me at my web site:
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Detects if a string is null, empty, or consists of whitespace characters (avoiding a call to Trim()): String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(" "); This is one of my favorite changes. It is such a common thing to do that it is great to have it baked into the framework.
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The EMNC process is part of the AQ architecture. It is used to notify queue subscribers of messages they would be interested in. This notification is performed asynchronously. There are Oracle Call Interface (OCI) functions available to register a callback for message notification. The callback is a function in the OCI program that will be invoked automatically whenever a message of interest is available in the queue. The EMNn background process is used to notify the subscriber. The EMNC process is started automatically when the first notification is issued for the instance. The application may then issue an explicit message_receive(dequeue) to retrieve the message.
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Classes: The Basics
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In the beginning of the particle (relAge=0), sourceAlpha will equal 1, so your additive blending will result in a bright explosion. At the end of the particle (relAge=1), newAlpha will be 0, and the particle will have no effect on the scene. qr code rdlc
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Create Fetch Update Delete Execute
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Figure 4-29. INSERT drop mode
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Now that you have a grasp of the areas of functionality required to implement the data portal concept, let s discuss the specific data behaviors the data portal will support. The behaviors were listed earlier, in Table 2-4.
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Figure 17-7 illustrates the preceding code. Notice that the arrow from IIfc1 goes down to the code in the base class.
Throughout this book, it is assumed that you are building business applications, in which case almost all objects are ultimately stored in the database at one time or another. Even if an object isn t persisted to a database, you can still use BusinessBase to gain access to the n-level undo, validation rule tracking, and dirty tracking features built into the framework.
More interesting is the .NET Remoting channel. This is implemented on the client by the RemotingProxy class, and on the server by the RemotingPortal class. When Csla.DataPortal delegates a call into RemotingProxy, it uses .NET Remoting to pass that call to a RemotingPortal object on the server. That object then delegates the call to a Csla.Server.DataPortal object. Because .NET Remoting automatically serializes objects across the network, the RemotingProxy class is not much more complex than LocalProxy: Public Class RemotingProxy Implements DataPortalClient.IDataPortalProxy #Region " Configure Remoting " Shared Sub New() ' create and register a custom HTTP channel ' that uses the binary formatter Dim properties As New Hashtable properties("name") = "HttpBinary" If ApplicationContext.AuthenticationType = "Windows" Then ' make sure we pass the user's Windows credentials ' to the server properties("useDefaultCredentials") = True End If Dim formatter As New BinaryClientFormatterSinkProvider Dim channel As New HttpChannel(properties, formatter, Nothing) ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel, EncryptChannel) End Sub Private Shared ReadOnly Property EncryptChannel() As Boolean Get Dim encrypt As Boolean = _ (ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("CslaEncryptRemoting") = "true") Return encrypt End Get End Property #End Region Private mPortal As Server.IDataPortalServer Private ReadOnly Property Portal() As Server.IDataPortalServer Get If mPortal Is Nothing Then mPortal = CType( _ Activator.GetObject(GetType(Server.Hosts.RemotingPortal), _ ApplicationContext.DataPortalUrl.ToString), _ Server.IDataPortalServer) End If Return mPortal End Get End Property
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