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(you can see both DLLs in Figure 8-15).
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My goal with the initial version of Deep Green for the iPhone was to at least match the feature set of the Newton version. In that, I had three game modes: Play mode, Setup mode, and Playback mode. These modes would offer the functionality to play a game, set up a given position (taken from the newspaper or a chess book, for example), and step back and forth in the current game. The solution for setting up a position that many chess applications for the iPhone seem to implement is to squeeze in another view, in an already very tight view, that displays all the pieces and little arrows or widgets to specify the game state such as castling availability, en passant square, color to move, and other information needed to fully specify a legal game position (see Figure 1-12).
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General Optimizer Settings and Object Statistics
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However, if the data set is large or the page processing is slow, using a data reader becomes a less attractive option. Using one requires the database connection to remain open longer, causing an increase in the number of database connections required on the server overall, and thereby decreasing scalability. Direct use of a data reader also typically leads to code that s harder to maintain. A data reader doesn t offer the ease of use of the DataSet or a business object. Nor does it provide any business logic or protection for the data, leaving it up to the UI code to provide all validation and other business processing.
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public class Quote { public string Symbol; public string Company; public string DateTime; public System.Double High; public System.Double Low; public System.Double Open; public System.Double Last; public System.Double Change; public System.Double PercentChange; public System.Double Previous_Close; public string High_52_Week; public string Low_52_Week; }
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