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Keeping an Eye on Capacity (Available Space)
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The AT91SAM9261 hardware s key features include the following: 200-MHz ARM9-based ARM926EJ processor LCD controller for a QVGA (320 240 16 bpp) LCD panel GPIO ports Three RS232 USART serial ports Two SPI busses 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet capabilities One USB port for debugging and deploying applications A USB device port One PWM channel An SD/MMC card interface Figure 2-14 shows the Atmel development board for the AT91SAM9261 module with the LCD display on board.
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A public property to access the list of contacts stored in a private System.Collections.GenericList variable. Not typically used directly. Front-ended by an AddContact method of the FormData class. A public property that returns an instance of the Contacts class. Returns a string array representation of the Contact.ContactList property. Front-end to the Contacts.AddContact method. Before calling this underlying method, ensures that the property contains a properly instantiated Contacts object. Casts the passed in XML string to a FormData object and returns it to the calling routine. Responsible for deserializing the XML representation of a Workflow form and populating values into global variables. Does the exact opposite of the PopulatePagesFromXml takes existing Workflow Form data, converts it to an XML string, and returns it to the caller.
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IFieldData and IFieldData(Of T) Interfaces
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Adding the Logic
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LoginStatus Control
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There is another overload of the DrawTextInRect method. That method comes along with reference parameters for the input string and the x and y drawing positions. After drawing text, the method updates the x and y coordinates to tell you where on the display the drawing of the text finished. This allows you to draw parts of the text with a different color or font. Also, if the method cannot display the complete text within the specified rectangle, it returns the remaining text. In this case, the method returns false to indicate that there is some text left that could not displayed. The updated x and y coordinates and the remaining text are returned to the caller via out parameters. This enables you to build up a display to show text over multiple pages. Listing 11-12 will display the word Hello in white and world in blue (see Figure 11-16). The updated text position is expressed relative to the rectangle but not in screen coordinates.
Context Data
Length ToCharArray()
Delete and DeleteChild Methods
this.radioButtonInOut.Select(); break; case SQLParameterRootParameterDirection.ReturnValue: this.radioButtonReturn.Select(); break; case SQLParameterRootParameterDirection.In: default: this.radioButtonIn.Select(); break; } } } private void ParameterControl_Leave(object sender, EventArgs e) { DoDataExchange(); } } } For this user control and all other user controls following we use a BindingSource control to bind and synchronize the data object with the data that was edited by the user. This component comes with Visual Studio and can be found from the Toolbox pane under the Data category as Figure 8-21 shows. Figure 8-22 shows how to set up the property of the component after dragging it from the toolbox onto the user control design surface.
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