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Each of the C# keywords for numeric types relates to a struct in the System namespace; for example, the int keyword is translated automatically to the System.Int32 struct. You can see the complete set of keyword to struct mappings in Table 5-2; you usually just use the C# keywords to work with numeric types, but the struct types behind the keywords allow the numeric types to have members and operators. All the numeric struct types are derived from System.ValueType, and since it is not possible to derive from structs, numeric types are implicitly sealed.
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ince you already know the basics of how classes (and structs) are handled in C++, this chapter will focus on the differences between native classes and managed classes. Because the C++ type system exists intact alongside the managed type system in C++/CLI, you should keep in mind that the C++ behavior is still true and valid in C++/CLI native types. Structs are the same as classes except that in a struct, the members are public by default, and in a class, they are private. Also, inheritance is public by default for structs, but private by default for classes. To avoid needless repetition, I will just use the term class, and it shall be understood to refer to both. At a glance, the major differences are that there is more than one category of class, and that these categories of classes behave differently in many situations. 2 has already discussed this feature. There are reference types and there are value types. Native types would make a third category. Another key difference is the inheritance model. The inheritance model supported in C++ is multiple inheritance. In C++/CLI, a restricted form of multiple inheritance is supported for managed types involving the implementation of multiple interfaces, but not multiple inheritance of classes. Only one class may be specified as the direct base type for any given class, but (for all practical purposes) an unlimited number of interfaces may be implemented. The philosophy behind this difference is explained more thoroughly in 9. C++/CLI classes also benefit from some language support for common design patterns for properties and events. These will be discussed in detail in 7. Due to the nature of the garbage collector, object cleanup is different in C++/CLI. Instead of just the C++ destructor, C++/CLI classes may have a destructor and/or a finalizer to handle cleanup. You ll see how these behave, how destructors behave differently from C++ native destructors, and when to define destructors and finalizers. Also in this chapter, you ll look at managed and native classes and how you can contain a native class in a managed class and vice versa. You ll also explore a C++/CLI class that plays a Scrabble-like game to illustrate classes along with the fundamental types discussed in 5. Much of the information in this chapter applies to value classes as well as reference classes. Value classes do not participate in inheritance, and they have different semantics when copied (as discussed in 2) and when destroyed, but otherwise they behave in a similar manner to reference types. Other than the differences mentioned in this paragraph and in Table 6-1, you should assume that the information applies equally to both value types and reference types unless stated otherwise. For reference, the differences between reference types and value types are shown in Table 6-1.
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Value Types
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Creating an Automatically Implemented Property
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Database Tables
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The following statement declares a const local variable:
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