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The problem is that the underlying stream object may be released already by the garbage collection process and an exception will be thrown. This will likely crash the process. In general, objects of reference type may be in an invalid state in the finalizer. Objects of value type are safe to use, as are unmanaged objects that have not been cleaned up yet. I ve noticed that many people who are trying to learn C++/CLI destruction and finalization, who don t yet fully understand the details of how destruction and finalization work, find themselves unable to remember whether the destructor should call the finalizer, or vice versa. The key to remembering this pattern is to remember that finalizer code is very limited. You cannot access managed objects in your finalizer. There is no such restriction in the destructor. So, it will not be possible for the finalizer to call the destructor if the destructor works with freeing the managed resources, because that would put the destructor code under the same restrictions as the finalizer code, which would probably prevent some cleanup from being possible. Let s look at one more example, Listing 6-20, that should make clear the dangers of finalizers. Listing 6-20. A Dangerous Finalizer // finalizer_pitfalls.cpp #using "System.dll" #using "System.Data.dll" using namespace System; using namespace System::Data::SqlClient; ref class DataConnection { SqlConnection^ conn; public: DataConnection() { conn = gcnew SqlConnection( "Server=(local);Uid=sa;Pwd=****;Initial Catalog=master"); conn->Open(); } // ... more code ...
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rotate over 20 degrees, you can also specify MathHelper.PI/180.0f*20.0f as an argument.
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Enterprise Services
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Finding the Absolute 3D Coordinates of the Lowest Positions of the Wheels
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Creating an Indexer with Multiple Arguments
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Transferring Files to Your iPod touch
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An external method is a method that does not have an implementation in the declaration. Often the implementation is in a language other than C#. External methods are marked with the extern modifier and do not have an implementation in the class declaration. The implementation is replaced by a semicolon. Keyword public static extern int GetCurrentDirectory(int size, StringBuilder buf); No implementation Connecting the declaration with the implementation is implementation-dependent, but is often done using the DllImport attribute. Attributes are covered in detail in 24. For example, the following code uses an external method, GetCurrentDirectory, whose implementation is the Win32 system call for getting a string that contains the current directory. using System; using System.Text; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; namespace ExternalMethod { class MyClass { [DllImport("kernel32", SetLastError=true)] public static extern int GetCurrentDirectory(int a, StringBuilder b); } class Program { static void Main( ) { const int MaxDirLength = 250; StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); sb.Length = MaxDirLength; MyClass.GetCurrentDirectory(MaxDirLength, sb); Console.WriteLine(sb); } } }
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Check Your Workflow
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The Type entry must hold a valid ELEMENT_TYPE_* code, one of the following: bool, char, a signed or unsigned integer of 1 to 8 bytes, string, or object. The Value entry must hold a valid offset in the #Blob stream. The Parent entry must hold a valid reference to the Field, Property, or Param table. No duplicate records that contain the same Parent value can exist.
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