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CLSCompliant Declares that the publicly exposed members should be checked by the compiler for compliance with the CLS. Compliant assemblies can be used by any .NET-compliant language. Declares that the construct can be serialized. Declares that the construct cannot be serialized. Declares that the construct should not be used. The compiler also produces a compile time warning or error message, if the construct is used. Declares that the implementation is unmanaged code. Declares that the method should be exposed as part of an XML web service. Declares what types of program constructs the attribute can be applied to. This attribute is applied to attribute declarations.
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The alignment specifier represents the minimum width of the field in terms of characters. The alignment specifier has the following characteristics: It is optional and separated from the index with a comma. It consists of a positive or negative integer. The integer represents the minimum number of characters to use for the field. The sign represents either right or left alignment. Positive specifies right alignment; negative specifies left alignment. Index -- use 0th item in the list. Console.WriteLine("{0, 10}", 500); Alignment specifier -- right-align in a field of 10 characters. For example, the following code shows two format items, formatting the value of int variable MyInt. In the first case, the value of MyInt is displayed as a right-aligned string of ten characters. In the second case, it is left aligned. The format items are between two vertical bars, just to show in the output their limits on each side. int MyInt = 500; Console.WriteLine("|{0, 10}|", MyInt); Console.WriteLine("|{0,-10}|", MyInt);
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To query whether your application is running online in a browser or detached, use the Application.Current.IsRunningOutOfBrowser method.
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Active Session History is a product licensed separately from Oracle Database version 10g.
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Aside from conversions, even literal values can be treated as objects, and methods may be called on them. The following code results in a boxing conversion from int to Object: Console::WriteLine( (100).ToString() ); To summarize, implicit boxing and unboxing of value types allows value types to be treated just like reference types. You might wonder if there s a way of treating a reference type like a value type, at least in some respects. One aspect of value types that may be emulated by reference types is their deterministic scoping. If they are members of a class, they are cleaned up and destroyed when the function scope ends. For various reasons that I will describe, you might want your reference types to exhibit this behavior. In the next section you ll see how this is done.
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Figure 4-2. Bugdom 2 has about 500,000 lines of C, 0 lines of C++, and about 700 lines of Objective-C.
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It would be strange to have local variables and be unable to assign values to them. The following two instructions take care of this aspect of our life: stloc <unsigned int16> (0xFE 0x0E). Take the value from the stack, and store it in local variable slot number <unsigned int16>. The value on the stack must be of the same type as the local variable slot or must be convertible to the type of the local variable slot. The convertibility rules and effects are the same as those for the conversion operations discussed earlier in this chapter.
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Simple and Abstract Model for the UI Developer
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Table 11-1. Known Colors and Their RGB Values (Continued)
Thanks to the way the data portal channel adapter functionality was implemented in 4, there is no functional difference between using .NET Remoting, Web Services, or Enterprise Services as used by your UI or business objects. In other words, you can switch between any of these channels and your application will continue to function in exactly the same manner. So how do you decide which to use
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