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You can find reviews for many apps in the App Store itself, and we recommend you check out the App Store reviews. However, sometimes you will probably want more information from expert reviewers. If so, blogs are a great place to find news and reviews. Here is a list of Apple iPhone and iPod touch-related blogs with reviews of apps: The iPod touchBlog: Touch Reviews: Touch My Apps: The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Cult of Mac: App Smile: Many lists of apps can also be found from these links: PC Magazine:,2817,2366274,00.asp Mobile Clues: iPhone Daily: iLounge: Best Applications:
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Following the idea of lazy object creation, the GetRolesForProperty() method returns the list of roles for a property, creating it if it doesn t exist: Private Function GetRolesForProperty( _ ByVal propertyName As String) As RolesForProperty Dim currentRoles As RolesForProperty = Nothing If Not Rules.ContainsKey(propertyName) Then currentRoles = New RolesForProperty Rules.Add(propertyName, currentRoles) Else currentRoles = Rules.Item(propertyName) End If Return currentRoles End Function This method is scoped as Private because it is only used by other methods in the class. There is a public overload of GetRolesForProperty() that returns the list of roles for the property for a specific type of access (read, write and allow, deny): <EditorBrowsable(EditorBrowsableState.Advanced)> _ Public Function GetRolesForProperty(ByVal propertyName As String, _ ByVal access As AccessType) As String() Dim currentRoles As RolesForProperty = GetRolesForProperty(propertyName) Select Case access Case AccessType.ReadAllowed Return currentRoles.ReadAllowed.ToArray Case AccessType.ReadDenied Return currentRoles.ReadDenied.ToArray Case AccessType.WriteAllowed Return currentRoles.WriteAllowed.ToArray Case AccessType.WriteDenied Return currentRoles.WriteDenied.ToArray End Select Return Nothing End Function This method may be used by business developers if they need access to the list of roles perhaps to implement some type of custom authorization for a specific object. It is implemented
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4.33. Formatting Date Field Subtotal Labels
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When code is running outside ASP.NET, it relies on System.Threading.Thread.CurrentPrincipal to maintain the user s principal object. On the other hand, when code is running inside ASP.NET, the only reliable way to find the user s principal object is through HttpContext.Current.User. Normally, this would mean that you would have to write code to detect whether HttpContext.Current is null and only use System.Threading if HttpContext isn t available. The User property of the Csla.ApplicationContext class automates this process on your behalf: public static IPrincipal User { get { if (HttpContext.Current == null) return Thread.CurrentPrincipal; else return HttpContext.Current.User; } set { if (HttpContext.Current != null) HttpContext.Current.User = value; Thread.CurrentPrincipal = value; } } In general, Csla.ApplicationContext.User should be used in favor of System.Threading or HttpContext because it automatically adjusts to the environment in which your code is running. With CSLA .NET based applications, this is particularly important, because your client code could be a Windows Forms application but your server code could be running within ASP.NET. Remember that your business objects run in both locations, so must behave properly both inside and outside ASP.NET.
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The great thing is that any changes you make to your Google or Exchange contacts on your iPod touch are wirelessly communicated and appear in your Google or Exchange account in just a few seconds. NOTE: To add, edit, or delete contacts in your other group (not the Google or Exchange group), first go to that group (From My PC or From My Mac), and then make the changes you want. These additions, edits, or deletions will not affect your Google or Exchange contacts they are kept separate.
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Caution Leading spaces will be trimmed from the beginning of text; they will not be printed. Trailing
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ReadOnlyListBase(Of T, C) ReadOnlyListBase(Of T)
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