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The following three steps are required in order to set up and use the SOAP header for security credentials: 1. Implement a SoapHeader class that defines the data required from the consumer. 2. Apply a [SoapHeader()] attribute to all web methods that require authentication, indicating that the web method requires the custom SOAP header. 3. Implement a method that takes the username and password values and uses them to authenticate the user, and set up the principal object on the current Thread. Let s walk through the implementation of these steps.
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system a live system without first testing for any side effects. For example, please do not read this chapter, check your system and find you are using manual memory management and then just turn on automatic memory management. Query plans may change, and performance may be impacted. One of three things could happen: Things run exactly the same. Things run better than they did before. Things run much worse than they did before.
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Figure 1-7. Activity Library design area
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TABLE_NAME CONSTRAINT_NAME COLUMNS ------------------------------ --------------- -----------------------------C SYS_C0018055 X This script works on foreign key constraints that have up to eight columns in them (if you have more than that, you probably want to rethink your design). It starts by building an inline view named CONS in the previous query. This inline view transposes the appropriate column names in the constraint from rows into columns, with the result being a row per constraint and up to eight columns that have the names of the columns in the constraint. Additionally, there is a column, COL_CNT, which contains the number of columns in the foreign key constraint itself. For each row returned from the inline view, we execute a correlated subquery that checks all of the indexes on the table currently being processed. It counts the columns in that index that match columns in the foreign key constraint and then groups them by index name. So, it generates a set of numbers, each of which is a count of matching columns in some index on that table. If the original COL_CNT is greater than all of these numbers, then there is no index on that table that supports that constraint. If COL_CNT is less than all of these numbers, then there is at least one index that supports that constraint. Note the use of the NVL2 function, which we used to glue the list of column names into a comma-separated list. This function takes three arguments: A, B, C. If argument A is not null, then it returns argument B; otherwise, it returns argument C. This query assumes that the owner of the constraint is the owner of the table and index as well. If another user indexed the table or the table is in another schema (both rare events), it will not work correctly. So, this script shows that table C has a foreign key on the column X but no index. By indexing X, we can remove this locking issue all together. In addition to this table lock, an unindexed foreign key can also be problematic in the following cases: When you have an ON DELETE CASCADE and have not indexed the child table. For example, EMP is child of DEPT. DELETE DEPTNO = 10 should CASCADE to EMP. If DEPTNO in EMP is not indexed, you will get a full table scan of EMP for each row deleted from the DEPT table. This full scan is probably undesirable, and if you delete many rows from the parent table, the child table will be scanned once for each parent row deleted. When you query from the parent to the child. Consider the EMP/DEPT example again. It is very common to query the EMP table in the context of a DEPTNO. If you frequently run the following query (say, to generate a report), you ll find that not having the index in place will slow down the queries: select * from dept, emp where emp.deptno = dept.deptno and dept.deptno = :X; When do you not need to index a foreign key The answer is, in general, when the following conditions are met:
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Many of us are so familiar with current Web services technology that we often do not stop to think about what services really are. However, you will need to if you are going to fully understand what makes SOA so significant. Let s pull out four definitions that collectively describe what services are: Services are autonomous components that process well-defined XML messages. Services provide a well-defined interface that is described by an XML-based document called the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document, otherwise known as the WSDL contract. This documents the operations (methods) that the service supports, including data type information and binding information for locating and communicating with the Web service operations. Services provide endpoints that consumers and other services can bind to, based on the service s port address (typically a URL).
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Messaging Services
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If objects are abstract representations of entities or concepts that encapsulate both data and its related logic, what then are business objects
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