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Create ECC200 in Java Figure 9-4. Sample application path

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4. Click OK.
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Server-side child data portal Implements data access behaviors for objects that are contained within other objects Object factory Provides an alternate model for the data portal, where the data portal creates and invokes a factory object instead of interacting directly with the business object
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Listing 6-4. A UDP Client using using using using using using System; Microsoft.SPOT; System.Net; System.Net.Sockets; System.Text; System.Threading;
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Like the ReadOnlyBase class, ReadOnlyListBase is quite simple to create. It is designed to make it easy for a business developer to create a business collection that doesn t allow items to be added or removed. Presumably, it will be used to contain read-only child objects, but any type of child object is allowed.
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The Visitor pattern in theory has a major problem in that IVisitor can t be defined in a general fashion in a separate assembly. As per my original Bridge pattern implementation, an interface is implemented. The interface could be defined in one assembly and the implementations in another assembly. The Visitor pattern as Figure 8-2 defines it doesn t allow this. The problem is that IVisitor references types that would be defined in a separate assembly. This causes the interface assembly to reference the implementation assembly, and the implementation
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Events and Serialization
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// rotate for landscape orientation
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Mixing XML and Relational Data
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Figure 4-9 shows the effect of this change one of the value-type variables has been changed to a value of 50, but the other remains as it was with a value of 25.
ref struct R { array<int>^ a; public: int f() { int sum = 0; // interior pointer interior_ptr<int> pi = &a[0]; for (int i = 0; i < a->Length; i++) { // using pointer arithmetic sum += *pi++; } return sum; } int g() { // pinning pointer pin_ptr<int> pinp = &a[0]; return native_function(pinp); } };
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