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Use the SortedList<T> class.
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To simplify upcoming code, you can use a type to represent a position or a point, as shown in Listing 6-9. Apple does provide a type for us (CGPoint), but as I said earlier, you can t rely on anything Apple-specific when writing portable code.
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Editable child objects are always contained within another object and they cannot be directly retrieved or stored in the database. Ultimately there s always a single editable root object that is retrieved or stored. BusinessBase includes a method that can be called to indicate that the object is a child object: MarkAsChild(). Normally this method is invoked automatically by CSLA .NET as the object instance is created by the data portal. This means that a child object might look like this: [Serializable] public class Child : BusinessBase<Child> { } Notice that there s no different from the previous root object. If for some reason you do not use the data portal (discussed later in the Data Portal section) to create instances of your objects, you may need to call MarkAsChild() manually in the object s constructor: [Serializable] public class Child : BusinessBase<Child> { private Child() { MarkAsChild(); } }
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Edit and Continue is a controversial feature of Visual C++ and some other languages. It allows you to apply source code modifications during debug sessions. Before the debugger hands
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3. Select Silverlight as the project type. 4. Select Silverlight Application as the template. 5. Name the project OOP, as shown in Figure 3-2. 6. Click OK.
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The BusinessListBase class implements the System.ICloneable interface. This interface defines a Clone() method that can be called to create a clone, or copy, of an object. The Csla.Core. ObjectCloner class implements a general cloning solution that works against any serializable
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Result: 144115187270549505 Press enter to finish
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CHAPTER 4: Outpost
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In this chapter, you have how delegates can be used to encapsulate references to static and instance methods and passed around like regular types. You have seen the limitations of delegates when they are shared between objects and how events address this shortcoming. The convention for using events is widely adopted, and I recommend that you follow it in your own code. Not only does it make your code easier for other programmers to use, but it also helps you create events that can be overridden reliably in derived classes. We looked briefly at the System.Func and System.Action types, both of which allow us to work with delegates without creating custom delegate types, and we looked at anonymous methods and lambda expressions, which allow us to implement delegates without having to define methods. We learned how anonymous methods and lambda expressions capture local variables and when those variables are evaluated. We ll see a lot more of Func, Action, and lambda expressions when we explore some of the advanced C# language features such as LINQ and parallel programming.
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Setting the BasicEffect Parameters
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Validation Rules
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Earlier, I discussed the need for objects to implement business rules and expose information about broken rules to the UI. The System.ComponentModel.IDataErrorInfo interface is designed to allow data binding to request information about broken validation rules from a data source. Given that the object framework will already help the objects manage a list of all currently broken validation rules, we ll already have the tools needed to easily implement IDataErrorInfo. This interface defines two methods. The first allows data binding to request a text description of errors at the object level, while the second provides a text description of errors at the property level. By implementing this interface, the objects will automatically support the feedback mechanisms built into the Windows Forms DataGridView and ErrorProvider controls.
The next tool on the Blend 4 toolbar is the Asset Library Last Used tool. This is a handy little feature that will turn into the last control you have used from the Asset Library. Say, for example, you select the CheckBox tool from the Asset Library to create a check box. The Asset Library Last Used tool will turn into a CheckBox control. What is the Asset Library, you ask Find out in the next section.
A similar problem exists when building Web Services. Business objects should not be returned directly as a result of a web service, as that would break encapsulation. In such a case, your business object interface would become part of the web service interface, preventing you from ever adding or changing properties on the object without running the risk of breaking any clients of the web service.
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