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Eric Nelson (Microsoft Evangelist)
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This is a strong-typed collection of Control objects. The Page type s Control collection is what stores the base elements of your web page. Elements that are children of other elements then become instances of the Control type in their parent element s control collection. Together these aggregated ControlCollections create an in-memory tree of Control objects that models the hierarchy of the resulting web page. We ll be examining the ControlCollection in greater detail as we move forward. This new feature of ASP .NET 2.0 separates information critical to the functionality of the control from content-based ViewState information. This allows you to turn off ViewState without losing the ability to store some state on the client. This is a big problem with version 1.x Web Forms, which ControlState fixes in the new version. (See 4 for details on ControlState.) Using this Boolean, you can turn off the ViewState of any control. This is the data that gets squirreled away by individual controls in the hidden input that goes to the client. By persisting data to a hidden input on the client, the information gets POSTed back to the server, and so it becomes possible to restore that state on postbacks. The downside is this hidden input can get extremely large extremely fast, and performance suffers as you start moving all that data across the connection to your client and back to the server with a post. (We ll examine some best practices for minimizing the ViewState size in
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It doesn t matter if you use a monolithic string or build one, keeping the connection string in the code can be unwieldy, not least because changing the string requires a recompile. A better technique is to store the connection string in a configuration file. The simplest way to do this is to use the built-in support for configuration files and a handy feature of Visual Studio. The first step is to add an item to our project. Right-click your project in the Solution Explorer window, select Add from the pop-up menu, and then select New Item. Select Application Configuration File from the list of templates, and ensure that the name for the new item is App.config, as shown in Figure 31-5.
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The general characteristics of stacks are the following: Data can only be added to and deleted from the top of the stack. Placing a data item at the top of the stack is called pushing the item onto the stack. Deleting an item from the top of the stack is called popping the item from the stack. Figure 3-6 illustrates the functions and terminology of the stack.
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You can use the Top 10 Filter for the Product row labels, to filter the values. Follow these steps to apply the filter. 1. Right-click a cell that contains a Product row label, and in the context menu, click Filter, and then click Top 10. 2. In the Top 10 Filter dialog box, select Top from the first drop-down list, and in the second box, enter a 3. 3. From the third box, select Items, and in the last box, select Sum of UnitsSold, and then click OK. The pivot table shows only the three products with the highest number of units sold, based on the grand total for each row.
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return usualModel; } private List<Vector3> AddVerticesToList(NodeContent node, List<Vector3> vertList) { MeshContent mesh = node as MeshContent; if (mesh != null) { Matrix absTransform = mesh.AbsoluteTransform; foreach (GeometryContent geo in mesh.Geometry) { foreach (int index in geo.Indices) { Vector3 vertex = geo.Vertices.Positions[index]; Vector3 transVertex = Vector3.Transform(vertex, absTransform); vertList.Add(transVertex); } } } foreach (NodeContent child in node.Children) vertList = AddVerticesToList(child, vertList); return vertList; } } [ContentTypeWriter] public class TagObjectTypeWriter : ContentTypeWriter<TagObject> { protected override void Write(ContentWriter output, TagObject value) { output.WriteObject<Vector3[]>(value.Positions); output.WriteObject<BoundingBox>(value.GlobalBoundingBox); } public override string GetRuntimeReader(TargetPlatform targetPlatform) { return typeof(TagObjectTypeReader).AssemblyQualifiedName; } }
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Documentation comments start with three consecutive forward slashes. The first two slashes indicate to the compiler that this is an end-of-line comment and should be ignored in the parsing of the program. The third slash indicates that it is a documentation comment. For example, in the following code, the first four lines show documentation comments about the class declaration. They use the <summary> XML tag. Above the declaration of the field are three lines documenting the field again using the <summary> tag. /// <summary> Open XML tag for the class /// This is class MyClass, which does the following wonderful things, using /// the following algorithm. ... Besides those, it does these additional /// wonderful things. /// </summary> Close XML tag class MyClass // Class declaration { /// <summary> Open XML tag for the field /// Field1 is used to hold the value of ... /// </summary> Close XML tag public int Field1 = 10; // Field declaration ... Each XML element is inserted by Visual Studio automatically when you type three slashes above the declaration of a language feature, such as a class or a class member. For example, the following code shows two slashes above the declaration of class MyClass: // class MyClass { ... As soon as you add the third slash, Visual Studio immediately expands the comment to the following code, without your having to do anything. You can then type anything you want on the documentation comment lines between the tags. /// <summary> /// /// </summary> class MyClass { ...
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would a reverse key index apparently benefit PL/SQL but not Pro*C in this case It comes down to the log file sync wait event. PL/SQL was able to continuously insert and rarely had to wait for the log file sync wait event upon commit, whereas Pro*C was waiting every 100 rows. Therefore, PL/SQL in this case was impacted more heavily by buffer busy waits than Pro*C was. Alleviating the buffer busy waits in the PL/SQL case allowed it to process more transactions, and so the reverse key index positively benefited PL/SQL. But in the Pro*C case, the buffer busy waits were not the issue they were not the major performance bottleneck, so removing the waits had no impact on overall performance. Let s move on to the five-user test, shown in Table 11-3. Table 11-3. Performance Test for Use of Reverse Key Indexes with PL/SQL and Pro*C: 5 Users
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Constraining Parameterized Types
Figure 4-20. A Button control
CHAPTER 9: FontShuffle
[System.Web.Services.WebServiceBindingAttribute(Name="StockTraderServiceSoap", Namespace="")] public class StockConsoleProxy : SoapHttpClientProtocol, StockTraderTypes.IStockTrader { // Pseudo-code only: implementations and attributes are not shown public Quote RequestQuote() {} public System.IAsyncResult BeginRequestQuote() {} public System.IAsyncResult EndRequestQuote() {} // Additional operations are not shown // These include PlaceTrade(), RequestTradeDetails(), // and RequestAllTradesSummary() // Type definitions are commented out of the proxy class // because they are redundant to the type definition assembly // These include Quote, Trade, Trades, TradeType, and TradeStatus } These are trivial modifications because the proxy class already implements all of the IStockTrader interface members. The benefit of explicitly adding the IStockTrader interface is to ensure that the proxy class remains constrained in the way it implements the StockTrader operations. You could modify the proxy class in many other ways, but as long as the StockTrader operations remain untouched (interfacewise at least), the client application will compile successfully. Once the proxy class has been modified, the client code can be implemented in the console application. The StockTraderTypes namespace must be imported into the client class file so that the client can make sense of the type definitions. No additional steps are required to use the definitions assembly. Listing 4-8 shows the client code listing for calling the RequestQuote operation. Listing 4-8. Client Code Listing for Calling the RequestQuote Operation using StockTraderTypes; namespace StockTraderConsole2 { class StockTraderConsole2 { [STAThread] static void Main(string[] args) { StockTraderConsole2 client = new StockTraderConsole2(); client.Run(); }
Account Transfer Transaction
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