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9.1.3 Ajax-based solution
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/** * Method called to retrieve access to * the singleton instance. One will be * created if it does not already exist. */ public static ComponentLocator getInstance() { if (cl == null ) { cl = new ComponentLocator(); } return cl; | }
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B.1.2 Know your host, the EJB container
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You want to be able to click the Delete button on a particular row in your web page to delete the underlying container. For this to happen, you need to hook in your Delete button. The following listing shows the code-behind for implementing the delete functionality.
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< xml version="1.0" > <project name="OurProject" default="deploy"> <target name="init"> <mkdir dir="build/classes" /> <mkdir dir="dist" /> </target> create barcode code 128 font
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int secondInt = firstInt; Dog fido = milo;
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External processes in Windows Azure
Building an Industry-Wide Mobile Data Synchronization Protocol, Version 1.0, SyncML Whitepaper.
/** * The underlying FTP Client. We don't want its state * getting Serialized during passivation. We'll * reinitialize this client and its connections * upon activation. */ private FTPClient client; /** * Name of the present working directory. In cases where * we're passivated, if this is specified * we'll change into this directory upon activation. */ private String presentWorkingDirectory;
Alternatively, you can apply a filter on a query without having to declare it in Hibernate Search. The FullTextQuery API can receive Filter instances in setFilter(). The filter is added and executed after the list of enabled named filters.
first IsNot second Not (first Is second)
Dragging and dropping
When passed to a JAX-WS tool, such as the JDK6-provided wsgen, the following custom type appears (as expected):
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