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WHERE SIZE(c.items) = 5
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10: Putting It All Together
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We will examine each of these solutions briefly. Passing the connection object around The transfer() method calls two methods within its body. Both methods must complete for the transaction to be successful. Let s take another look at the transfer() method in the InterAccountTransferSystem class from listing 10.4:
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8.7 Hibernate in the view layer
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<target name="test-dist" depends="dist" > <unjar src="${antbook-ant.jar}" dest="${build.dir}/unjar"> <patternset> <include name="org/**"/> </patternset> </unjar> <condition property="jar.uptodate"> <filesmatch file1="${build.dir}/classes/org/example/antbook/Search.class" file2="${build.dir}/unjar/org/example/antbook/Search.class" /> </condition> <fail unless="jar.uptodate" message="file mismatch in JAR"/> </target>
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How Ajax-enabled controls work
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The File menu provides access to a number of file-, project-, and solution-related commands. Many of these commands are context-sensitive. As in most Windows applications, the New menu item creates new items to work on, the Open item opens existing items, and the Save item saves your work. One item you may not have seen before is Save All, which will save all the open files in an open solution. This can be very useful when you re working with a large solution.
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Figure 5.1 An Ajax application moves some of the responsibilities of the presentation tier from the server up to the browser, in a new entity that we call the client tier.
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The UIControl object introduces a new event-handling infrastructure that takes touch events of the sort that you might have directly handled in the previous section and (eventually) converts them into simple actions, without your having to worry about the specifics of how a user accessed a control. The complete sequence of events is outlined in figure 6.6.
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All tests in a particular suite use the same Hibernate SessionFactory. A subclass can customize the DBUnit database operations that are executed before and after every test method. A subclass can customize which DBUnit data set should be used for all its test methods. Hibernate is started before a logical test of the test assembly runs again, note that @BeforeTest doesn t mean before each test method. For each test (sub)class, a DBUnit data set must be loaded from an XML file, and all null markers have to be replaced with real NULLs. Before each test method, you execute the required database operations with DBUnit. After each test method, you execute the required database operations with DBUnit. By default, you obtain a plain JDBC connection from Hibernate's ConnectionProvider and wrap it in a DBUnit DatabaseConnection. You also disable foreign key constraint checking for this connection. A subclass must override this method and prepare the data-set file location and operations that are supposed to run before and after each test method. This superclass takes care of many things at once, and writing integration tests as subclasses is easy. Each subclass can customize which DBUnit data set it wants to work with (we ll discuss these data sets soon) and what operations on that data set (for example, INSERT and DELETE) have to run before and after a particular test method executes. Note that this superclass assumes the database is active and a valid schema has been created. If you want to re-create and automatically export the database schema for each test suite, enable the configuration option by setting it to create. Hibernate then drops the old and exports a fresh database schema when the SessionFactory is built. Next, let s look at the DBUnit data sets.
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Figure 7.12 The buttons used to save changes or cancel the editing process.
' ----- Which file to use. If (LoggedInUserID = -1) Then fileToUse = MainHelpFile Else fileToUse = MainAdminHelpFile End If If (fileToUse = "") Then MsgBox("Online help is not properly configured.", _ MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly Or MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation, _ ProgramTitle) Return End If ' ----- Show the online help. Try Help.ShowHelp(whichForm, fileToUse, _ HelpNavigator.Topic, contextName) Catch MsgBox("An error occurred while trying to access " & _ "the online help file.", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly Or _ MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation, ProgramTitle) End Try End Sub
The first advantage you may notice with this strategy is the shared declaration of superclass (or interface) properties. No longer do you have to duplicate these mappings for all concrete classes Hibernate takes care of this. Keep in mind that the SQL schema still isn t aware of the inheritance; effectively, we ve mapped two unrelated tables to a more expressive class structure. Except for the different primary key column name, the tables look exactly alike, as shown in figure 5.1. In JPA annotations, this strategy is known as TABLE_PER_CLASS:
Unfortunately, you don t have any mapping files yet. If you like, you can run the Hello World example or skip the rest of this chapter and start learning about persistent classes and mappings in chapter 3. Or, if you want to know more about using Hibernate in a managed environment, read on.
<class name="Item" table="ITEM"> <id name="id" column="ITEM_ID">...</id> <many-to-one name="seller" column="SELLER_NR" property-ref="customerNr"/> </class>
needs to be updated) and expects your procedure to throw an exception if something goes wrong. In Oracle, such a procedure is as follows:
JAAS 13 Also see Java Authentication and Authorization Service Java Authentication and Authorization Service 13, 205 Java Community Process 8, 13, 75 Java Connector Architecture. See JCA Java Database Connectivity. See JDBC Java EE 13 platform 388 specification 388 Java EE 5 SDK installing and configuring 646 Java Generics 247 Java Messaging Service. See JMS Java Naming and Directory Interface 588, 591 595 Also see JNDI Java Persistence API 67 JPA 15 using from EJB 2.x 504 using from outside container 451 452 using from web tier 447 451 Java Persistence Query Language 17, 19, 341 379 Also see JPQL Java Remote Method Invocation 588 591 Java Remote Method Protocol. See Remote Method Invocation Java RMI. See RMI Java SE 5 647 Java Transaction API. See JTA Java XML Binding 545 JavaBeans naming conventions 227 rules 227 Javadoc 36 78, 101, 590
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