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Figure 4.3 The System.Web.Extensions library is visible in the .NET tab of the Add Reference dialog. If this isn t visible but the framework has been installed, then you can select the Browse tab to add the dll manually. If you don t see this, you might want to investigate your installation and confirm that the framework has been installed correctly.
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A project with three separate areas
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As a convenient way to run our test, our test defines a suite() method called by the JUnit test runner in the main() method. We run the CatalogResponseTimeTest, and it fails with the following output:
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Speaking of correctly configuring the .chm files, we still have to figure out how to get the entire application including the online help files onto the client workstation, and at a cost that will put food on the table. We ll look at these deployment issues in the next chapter.
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Draws a linear gradient
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This produces the output:
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When you use a function in your source code, the function acts a little like a variable; all the text of the function call, from the start of its name to the end of its closing parenthesis, could be replaced by a variable that contained the same resulting data. Function calls cannot appear on the lefthand side of an assignment statement, but they can appear almost anywhere else that a variable can appear. For example, the following two lines could be used to replace line 02 in the sample:
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Listing 12.10 the base aspect
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public class User { ... public boolean equals(Object other) { if (this==other) return true; if ( !(other instanceof User) ) return false; final User that = (User) other; return this.username.equals( that.getUsername() ); } public int hashCode() {
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In chapters 2 and 4, you added content to a document using a plethora of objects and methods available in iText. When adding a Chunk, you were able to use methods to add lines and a background color. When creating a PdfPTable, you could define borders and backgrounds. But what if all of this isn t sufficient What if you don t want a rectangular background for a Chunk, but a custom shape instead, such as an ellipse What if you want the borders of a PdfPCell to have rounded corners This chapter explains how to write custom functionality for Chunk, Paragraph, , Section, PdfPTable, and PdfPCell objects.
Create a Canvas::GD::Polar object and draw a clock
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What s new in Hibernate 3
PopupControlExtender1.Commit(rblAge.SelectedValue.ToString( ))
10.3.4 Running the software on a real phone
Filling out interactive forms
reference contained by the client is actually a reference to the EJB stub object used by the container. Therefore, if you have more than one reference to an EJB, you could have two different stub objects that reference the same EJB. If you were to compare the references using the equals() method, it might return false, even if the stubs point to the same EJB. To solve this problem, EJB references implement the isIdentical() method. This method compares the two objects (the invoker and the parameter) to see if they both eventually point to the same EJB (through the stub).
Listing 7.3 The controls for displaying our Favorites links are added in the CreateChildControls method of our web part.
When the BLOB stands alone
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