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In this example, the value Hello World that you set earlier for the key myKey would be returned. Although our Memcached example is cool, you ll notice that we re not using the ASP.NET Cache object to access and store the data. The reason for this is that unlike the Session object, the Cache object (in .NET Framework 3.5SP1, 3.5, or 2.0) doesn t use the provider factory model; the Cache object can be used only in conjunction with the ASP.NET cache provider.
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Class Animal Protected Overrides Sub Finalize( ) ' ----- Cleanup code goes here. Be sure to call the ' base class's Finalize method. MyBase.Finalize( ) End Sub End Class
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Public Class Employee Public Name As String Private currentSalary As Decimal Public Property Salary( ) As Decimal Get Return currentSalary End Get Set(ByVal value As Decimal) currentSalary = value RaiseEvent SalaryChanged(currentSalary) End Set End Property Public Event SalaryChanged(ByVal NewSalary As Decimal) End Class
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Conversations with EJB 3.0
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Figure E.9
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If you query for objects that are of a class which is part of an inheritance hierarchy, the SQL statements get more complex:
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from Event e where size(e.speakers) > 2;
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When you make the call this time, the level parameter is 1, so when the user clicks a node, this code will get two levels of subnodes for the node the user clicked, and only that node. That saves processor power, because you re digging deep into the directory structure only at the node the user selected. If the user continues to click the + for deeper directories, the code will continue to retrieve subdirectories, but only when they re needed. There s an extra bit of code here, though. If this event came from the source TreeView, you want to display the files in the current node. If the event came from the destination TreeView, though, you don t want to display the files (because a file isn t a valid destination for a file-copy process). GetSubDirectoryNodes( ) knows how to account for that, with the getFiles Boolean parameter. Therefore, you cast the sender object to a TreeView called tvw, and check to see whether tvw is the source TreeView. If it is, you set getFiles to true; otherwise, it s set to false:
Isolated hardware
Listing 11.6 A source code file for a new class
Getting started
The HSQLDB browser and SQL console
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Most of the formatting code for this page comes from the ItemLookup.vb file in the main application. It queries the database for details of the specified NamedItem record, and updates each label using these values. The only thing that is interesting besides the fact that this seems all too easy for web-page development is the creation of the table of item copies near the bottom of the page. In the ItemLookup.vb version of the code, I hand-crafted an HTML <table> set and filled in its columns with the status of each available copy of the named library item. I thought it was a shame to ignore all of that great code, so I just copied it nearly unchanged into the code for SearchDetail.aspx.vb.
private Context getInitialContext() throws NamingException {
Most communication with databases happens over specialized, vendor-specific protocols. Firewalls are usually configured not to let such protocols through, and with good reason: from a security perspective, making your database directly accessible on the Internet tends to look like a very bad idea. Nonetheless, some people want to do this, and there are scenarios in which it s not the terrible idea it might first seem, particularly if you can exercise sufficient control over what gets exposed. With WCF Data Services, you can present a relational data store over HTTP and XML or JSON. You can be selective about what data you expose and to whom. Moreover, the model you present doesn t necessarily have to be the same as your underlying database structure. In fact, there doesn t have to be a database involved at all there s a provider model that enables you to present any data through this mechanism, as long as you can find a way to make it look like relational data. You will normally use WCF Data Services in conjunction with the Entity Framework you can define the entities you d like to present over HTTP, and use the framework s mapping services to bridge between that and the underlying data store. So we ll be looking at these services in more detail later in the chapter, once we ve finished exploring the Entity Framework. The focus of WCF Data Services is different than for the other data access features we ve discussed so far it s mainly about presenting data on the network, where everything else has been about consuming data. However, there s also a client-side component that provides LINQ-based querying for such services. While it s part of the WCF Data Services technology, it s optional you re not obliged to use it on the client. And this client doesn t strictly require WCF Data Services on the server the client-side parts could be used against any service that exposes data in the same way.
Retrieving information about entity data sets
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