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GetSubDirectoryNodes( ) begins by once again calling GetDirectories( ), this time stashing away the resulting array of DirectoryInfo objects in an array called dirSubs.
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// uncommenting the following lines will remove all // entries in the synonym index and require it to be // rebuilt // for (Object element : s.createQuery("from " + Synonym.class.getName()).list()) { // session.delete(element); tx.commit(); } finally { s.close(); } }
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public Team() { members = new ArrayList<Employee>(); } /** * Convenience constructor * @param name */ public Team(final String name) { this(); this.name = name; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Accessors / Mutators ----------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * @return the members */ public Collection<Employee> getMembers() { return members; } /** * @param members the members to set */ public void setMembers(final Collection<Employee> members) { this.members = members; } /** * @return the name */ public String getName() { return name; } /** * @param name the name to set */ public void setName(String name) { this.name = name; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Required Implementations ------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------||
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The text matrix This is updated by the text-positioning and text-showing operators listed in table 14.13. The text-line matrix This captures the value of the text matrix at the beginning of a line of text. The text-rendering matrix This is an intermediate result that combines the effects of text state parameters, the text matrix, and the CTM.
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A Timer is an object that implements the javax.ejb.Timer interface. It represents a timed event that has been scheduled for an enterprise bean using the Timer Service. Timer objects are returned by the TimerService.createTimer() and TimerService.getTimers() methods, and a Timer is the (optional) only parameter of the TimedObject.ejbTimeout() method or annotated @javax.ejb.Timeout callback. The Timer interface is:
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} #divNews1{top: 0px;} #divNews2{top: -400px;}
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4.338487 = idf(docFreq=16) 0.125 = fieldNorm(field=description, doc=230) The score for war 0.2858553 = (MATCH) weight(description:war in 230), product of: 0.63732624 = queryWeight(description:war), product of: 3.5881817 = idf(docFreq=35) 0.17761816 = queryNorm 0.44852272 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(description:war in 230), product of: 1.0 = tf(termFreq(description:war)=1) 3.5881817 = idf(docFreq=35) 0.125 = fieldNorm(field=description, doc=230)
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Exposing EJBs as web services
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Once the form closes, execution returns to EditTitle, which does a quick statuscheck before returning the final value. And there we have it: a new public interface for a form s most important return value. We ll use this method a lot in the Library Project application.
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void mySearch_SearchResultsReturned(SearchResultSet results) { itemsResults.ItemsSource = results.Results; Binds results of } }
To create a view, right-click on the action method name and select Add View, as shown in figure 1.6.
<parameterMap id="maxOutProcedureMap" class="java.util.Map"> <parameter property="a" mode="IN" /> <parameter property="b" mode="IN" /> <parameter property="c" mode="OUT" /> </parameterMap> <procedure id="maxOutProcedure" parameterMap="maxOutProcedureMap"> { call maximum ( , , ) } </procedure> // Call maximum function Map m = new HashMap(2); m.put("a", new Integer(7)); m.put("b", new Integer(5)); sqlMap.queryForObject("Account.maxOutProcedure", m); // m.get("c") should be 7 now.
Mini-antipattern: Manual Performance Testing
namespace Example_4_4_ _ _ _Decrement_Operators { using System; class Program { static void Main( ) { int original = 10; int result; // increment then assign result = --original; Console.WriteLine("After prefix: {0}, {1}", original, result); // assign then increment result = original--; Console.WriteLine("After postfix: {0}, {1}", original, result); } } }
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