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the company vice president s daily report (not a good place to be questions are asked, bonuses lost; you get the picture). When the database in question went down, threads attempting to open the database connection simply hung. Even worse, thanks to thread dumps, we discovered that the crashing code used java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(String url) to open connections. The DriverManager implementation synchronizes all access to the class. Once the first thread hung waiting for a connection, any other thread accessing the DriverManager class hung as well. This occurred whether or not a second thread accessed the inoperable database, because the original thread still held a lock on the class s synchronization monitor. As the clients tried apparently failed requests again, more and more threads locked up, until no more threads existed to service client requests (figure 4.1).
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Receive and Process Message
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Copying pages with PdfCopy
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<class name="Item" lazy="true">
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Android exposes the physical hardware sensors via a class known as the SensorManager. The SensorManager class is similar to the BluetoothAdapter class in that all
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int myInt = 25; long myLong = myInt; int newInt = myLong;
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public float getTotalCost () { float price = 0; float discount = getDiscount (); LineItem item; for (Iterator iter = getLineItems ().iterator (); iter.hasNext (); ) { This method passes item = (LineItem) iter.next (); discount to LineItem... price += item.getLineItemCost (discount); } } public float getLineItemCost (float discount) { return getPrice () * (1 - discount); }
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This code displays a message that says, Is 5 Even False. Behind the scenes, Visual Basic is generating an actual function, and linking it up to the variable using a delegate. (A delegate, as you probably remember, is a way to identify a method generically through a distinct variable.) The following code is along the lines of what the compiler is actually generating for the previous code sample:
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12.1.4 Creating a table using the REST API
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Joining dynamic and infrequently changing data together
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