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object fileName = @"WordFile.docx"; object missing = System.Reflection.Missing.Value; object readOnly = true; var doc = wordApp.Documents.Open(ref fileName, ref missing, ref readOnly, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing);
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This chapter contains
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Android that this application requires certain security privileges. For example, if an application requires access to the contacts on a device, it requires the following tag in its AndroidManifest.xml file:
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To get information about transaction status for stateful session beans, implement the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization interface. The example session bean in listing 5.6 receives a callback for the beginning, successful completion, and postcompletion of a transaction.
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O the Picture class O Is this an object
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The caching advice
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Namespace My Class MyApplication End Class End Namespace
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var family = new Tree <Person> ( new Node <Person> (new Person ("Tom", 1950), new Node <Person> (new Person ("Peter", 1976),
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Let s take a bird s-eye view of this code before analyzing each feature in detail in the coming sections. The interceptor class, ActionBazaarLogger, is attached to the addBid method of the PlaceBid stateless session bean using the @javax. interceptor.Interceptors annotation b. The ActionBazaarLogger object s logMethodEntry method is annotated with @javax.interceptor.AroundInvoke and will be invoked when the addBid method is called C. The logMethodEntry method prints a log message to the system console, including the method name entered using the javax.interceptor.InvocationContext. Finally, the invocation context s proceed method is invoked to signal to the container that the addBid invocation can proceed normally. We will now start a detailed analysis of the code, starting with attaching the interceptor using the @Interceptors annotation.
Deploying to IIS 6 and earlier
Do not propagate old environment when new environment variables are specified. [Boolean] List of operating systems on which the command may be executed. [String] File the output of the process is redirected to. [File] Property name whose value should be set to the output of the process. [String] If true, runs the command only once, appending all files as arguments. [Boolean] The new permissions. [String] Indicates whether the file names should be passed on the command line as absolute or relative pathnames. [Boolean] The name of a property in which the return code of the command should be stored. [String] If no source files have been found or are newer than their corresponding target files, do not run the command. [Boolean] Type of file to operate on [file, dir, both]. If true, launches new process with VM, otherwise uses the OS s shell. [Boolean] Adds a command-line argument. Adds an environment variable to the launched process. Adds a name entry on the exclude list. Source files to operate upon. [Fileset] Adds a name entry on the include list. Adds mapping of source files to target files. [Mapper] Adds a set of patterns. [Patternset] Indicates where the name of the source file should be put on the command line. Indicates where the name of the target file should be put on the command line.
The two TreeView controls work nearly identically, except that the left control, tvwSource, lists the directories and files, and the right control, tvwTargetDir, lists only directories. The CheckBoxes property on tvwSource is set to true, and on tvwTargetDir, it is set to false. Also, although tvwSource will allow the user to select multiple files, which is the default for TreeView controls, you will enforce single selection for tvwTargetDir. Although there are differences, most of the code for these two controls is held in common. Instead of writing out all the code twice, you ll use a technique called factoring putting the common code in one convenient place for objects to access. In this case, you ll factor the common code for both TreeView controls into a shared method, FillDirectoryTree. When you call this method, you ll pass in the TreeView control (so the method knows which TreeView to fill) with a Boolean (also called a flag) indicating whether to get the files that are currently present (you ll see how this works in a bit). You ll call this method from the constructor for the Form itself, once for each of the two controls. Click on the Form1.cs tab at the top of the main window in Visual Studio to switch to the code for the form. If that tab isn t there, click the View Code button at the top of the Solution Explorer to open Form1.cs. Locate the constructor for the form (public FrmFileCopier( )), and add these two method calls:
Example 3-3. Composite pattern example code Photo Library (continued)
Read the image, and get its width and height
On a related but relevant note, you cannot use the EJBContext getRollbackOnly and setRollbackOnly methods in BMT, and the container will throw an IllegalStateException if accessed. Next, let s see how the obtained UserTransaction interface is actually used.
Listing 8.6 Deployment Descriptor
The pure J2EE approach
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