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Defining a Vertex Shader Capable of Interfacing with Your Custom Vertex Format
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The XmlSerializer will create elements and attributes in the XML output to match the name of the corresponding fields and properties. You can override the these names and provide your own by using the XmlAttribute and XmlElement attributes and specifying the name you want to appear in the serialized XML as a parameter to each attribute. Listing 23-16 contains an example of using both attributes in this way. Listing 23-16. Using the XmlAttribute and XmlElement Attributes to Change Names using System; using System.Xml.Serialization; public class Person { private string name; private string city; public Person() { // do nothing } public Person(String nameParam, String cityParam) { name = nameParam; city = cityParam; } [XmlElement("FullName")] public String Name { get { return name; } set { name = value; } } [XmlAttribute("PlaceOfResidence")] public String City { get { return city; } set { city = value; } } } In Listing 23-16, you have applied the XmlElement attribute to the Name property and the XmlAttribute attribute to the City property. Serializing an object created from this class with an XmlSerializer produces the following XML: < xml version="1.0" > <Person xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="http://" PlaceOfResidence="London"> <FullName>Adam Freeman</FullName> </Person>
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Figure 5-2. A TextBlock that reads Silverlight rocks!
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for (int i = 0; i < nPlayer; i++) { // Check for a tie. if (i != leadingPlayer && players[i]->Score == players[leadingPlayer]->Score) { return -1; } } return leadingPlayer; } // Implement a pass move in which a player throws back a certain // number of her tiles and draws new ones. // Return true if successful. bool Pass(List<Tile^>^ workingTiles) { if (bag->Count != 0) { int code; // Get the desired tiles to replace to // the bag from the user. Console::WriteLine("Enter tiles to throw back: "); do { code = Console::Read(); wchar_t character = safe_cast<wchar_t>(code); Letter letter = Letter::_; if (character == safe_cast<wchar_t>(Characters::NEWLINE)) { Console::ReadLine(); break; } if (character == '_') { letter = Letter::_; } else if (Char::IsLetter(character)) { if (Char::IsUpper(character)) { letter = safe_cast<Letter>(character - 'A' + 1); } else // character is a lowercase letter. { letter = safe_cast<Letter>(character - 'a' + 1); } }
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There are two types of encryption algorithms: symmetric key algorithms and asymmetric key algorithms. A symmetric key algorithm is an algorithm where the key used to encrypt information is the same key used for decryption. An asymmetric key algorithm uses separate keys for encryption and decryption, generally referred to as a public key (used for encryption; anyone can obtain the public key to encrypt data for a specific recipient) and a private key (this key is kept secret and used to decrypt data encrypted with the public key). Silverlight supports only one encryption algorithm, the symmetric key Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The simplest approach to encrypting and decrypting information is to use a single password, as shown in Figure 15-7.
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For Usernames and Passwords
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When Global Address List Contacts Don t Show Up (For Microsoft Exchange Users)
Methods Properties Constructors Operators Indexers Events
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Suppose now that you would like the same functionality for values of type float. There are several ways you could achieve this. One way is to perform the following steps to produce the subsequent code: Cut and paste the code for class MyIntStack. Change the class name to MyFloatStack. Change the appropriate int declarations to float declarations throughout the class declaration. class MyFloatStack { int StackPointer = 0; float[] StackArray; // Stack for floats
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