barcode generator free Figure 7-14. Filling out the Register tab in Java

Implementation ECC200 in Java Figure 7-14. Filling out the Register tab

Design Patterns for Building Message-Oriented Web Services
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Shortly after posting the document, Sue receives an email from the product manager informing her that the product has encountered a production problem and is going to be delayed for six weeks. Sue knows that this changes the marketing campaign schedule that is part of the document, and also means that the deadlines on the tasks assigned to review the document are now no longer valid. Sue modifies the document and reposts it to the portal. She also updates the metadata for the document one piece of which is the due date used by the workflow process to assign task deadlines. The problem is that the tasks that were created by the workflow are still assigned to the users. As mentioned, Sue does not know who was assigned a task when the workflow started. She could look it up and send them an email notifying them that the schedule has changed and that they can hold off on completing their task, but that would take hours and she s busy. She decides just to let them figure it out. After all, what s the harm So they complete their tasks a bit early at least the document is correct so they ll see the right data. You can see where this is going Meanwhile, in London, Robert, part of the current campaign review committee, sees the task assigned to him. He is busy trying to get things wrapped up before he goes away on vacation for two weeks, but the deadline for this task falls right smack in the middle of his time off. He puts aside other work and begins reading the document immediately, adding his comments as he goes. Two hours later, he gets to the end of the document where the marketing schedule is. At first he thinks it is a mistake, but he checks again and sure enough, the schedule is six weeks off what the task assignment told him. There s two hours of time he won t get back. He stops working on the document and tries to get back to the other, more pressing items on his to-do list so he can go away on vacation and think seriously about finding a new job
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Flushing Bitmaps onto the Display
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#elif DemoVersionWithoutTimeLimit strVersionDesc = "Demo Version of Supergame Plus"; #elif OEMVersion strVersionDesc = "Supergame Plus, distributed under license"; #else strVersionDesc = "The original Supergame Plus!!"; #endif Console.WriteLine( strVersionDesc ); ...
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It s not necessary for most font users to know the precise difference between a counter and an eye or a tail and a shoulder, but knowing is fun and can make you feel smart. Instead of resorting to a term such as that curvy connector bit in the middle of the funny-looking g, you can use a real term like the link in a double-story g. It is important to speak precisely if you have to defend a font decision you made for print or GUIs. There is a standard set of terms to describe the geometry around letters and the parts of a letter. These metrics and parts are often referred to as letter anatomy or typeface anatomy. By breaking down letters into parts, a designer can better understand how type is created and altered and how to compare typefaces effectively. In Figure 9-4, the most important parts of the character being discussed are labeled or circled. A few extra terms, such as baseline and x-height, are included to help understand and describe the geometry around the letterforms.
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You can associate the mouse hover behavior with any element, which allows you to specify an action that should take place when the mouse hovers over an element. A typical use for this would be to implement a custom tooltip, a context menu, a smart tag, or similar. When using Atlas client-side controls, this is straightforward. You can see the mouse hover example in Figure 5-18.
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public static int CalculateSum(int x, int y) { return x + y; } public static int CalculateProduct(int x, int y) { return x * y; } public static int CalculateSubtraction(int x, int y) { return x - y; } public static int CalculateDivision(int x, int y) { return x / y; } } You can see that I have changed the methods in the Calculator class. If I run the analysis again, I don t see CA1822 errors anymore. But it isn t always possible, or desirable, to change the code. There might be a good reason why a piece of code is written a certain way. It might work around a bug, and it might be a placeholder for future work that, once completed, will conform to the rule. Or you might like to change the code, but you can t perhaps it is a legacy code base or it belongs to another team that works on a different schedule than you (this is often the case with shared components such as billing systems and general ledgers). These situations fall into two broad categories. You don t want to change a particular area of code, but you are interested in seeing other violations of the same type elsewhere in your project. Or, a rule just doesn t apply to you at all, and you don t ever want to see it reported again.
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Introducing the Sys.Data Controls
Console::WriteLine(" str1 ReferenceEquals str2"); } if (String::ReferenceEquals(str1, str3)) { Console::WriteLine(" str1 ReferenceEquals str3"); } } The output of Listing 5-1 is as follows: str1 str1 str1 str1 str1 str1 == str2 == str3 Equals str2 Equals str3 ReferenceEquals str2 ReferenceEquals str3
The dcumentation comments feature allows you to include documentation of your program in the form of XML elements. Visual Studio even assists you in inserting the elements and will read them from your source file and copy them to a separate XML file for you. This section does not cover the topic of XML but presents the overall process of using documentation comments. Figure 25-5 gives an overview of using XML comments. This includes the following steps: You can use Visual Studio to produce the source file with the embedded XML. Visual Studio can automatically insert most of the important XML elements. Visual Studio reads the XML from the source code file and copies the XML code to a new file. Another program, called a documentation compiler, can take the XML file and produce various types of documentation files from it.
There's nothing wrong in itself with the second interface, since it s perfectly fine to use a generic interface. The problem here, though, is that it allows a possible conflict, because if int is used as the type argument to replace S in the second interface, then Simple would have two interfaces of the same type which is not allowed. interface IMyIfc<T> { T ReturnIt(T inValue); } Two interfaces class Simple<S> : IMyIfc<int>, IMyIfc<S> // Error! { public int ReturnIt(int inValue) // Implement first interface. { return inValue; } public S ReturnIt(S inValue) { return inValue; } } // Implement second interface, // but if it's int, it would be // the same as the one above.
Implementing the Adapter Pattern
5-9. Calculate the Exact Height of a Terrain Between Vertices Using Bilinear Interpolation
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