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A .NET Framework exception contains useful information that captures information about what triggered the exception and how to address the problem. For example, the exception source is stored as a string in the Source property; a text representation of the call stack is included in the form of the StackTrace property; and there s a Message property, which contains a message suitable for display to a user. Its use is demonstrated in Listing 10-2.
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A lot of business logic involves the enforcement of validation rules. The fact that a given piece of data is required is a validation rule. The fact that one date must be later than another date is a validation rule. Some validation rules involve calculations, and others are merely toggles. You can think about validation rules as being either broken or not. And when one or more rules are broken, the object is invalid. A similar concept is the idea of business rules that might alter the state of the object. The fact that a given piece of text data must be all uppercase is a business rule. The calculation of one property value based on other property values is a business rule. Most business rules involve some level of calculation. Because all validation rules ultimately return a Boolean value, it is possible to abstract the concept of validation rules to a large degree. Every rule is implemented as a bit of code. Some of the code might be trivial, such as comparing the length of a string and returning False if the value is zero. Other code might be more complex, involving validation of the data against a lookup table or through a numeric algorithm. Either way, a validation rule can be expressed as a method that returns a Boolean result.
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This code produces the following output: Newsflash: Newsflash: Sum: 5 and 6 is 11 Avg: 5 and 6 is 5.5
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Loading Default Values from a Data Store
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There are times when a fixed-size array will not meet your needs. Similarly, there are times when you need a data structure that you can insert items into or delete items from. Inserting and deleting items in the middle of an array is not possible without moving all the subsequent elements. For efficient deletion and insertion, use an ArrayList (see Listing 5-34). An ArrayList is like an array that supports list-like functionality. An ArrayList can grow to an undetermined length as needed.
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cache to tint elements a light red color so you can see what's cached.
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float itemsPerCase = 3f; float costPerCase = 10f; // work out the cost per item float costPerItem = costPerCase / itemsPerCase; // define a format string string formatString1 = "Cost per item: {0}"; // define a format string with a format string component string formatString2 = "Cost per item: {0:F2}"; // use composite formatting Console.WriteLine(formatString1, costPerItem); Console.WriteLine(formatString2, costPerItem); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The statement that contains the format item with the format component is shown in bold. The format string is illustrated by Figure 16-5.
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Sequence Workflow
Faults are indicated to the sender of a two-way request by returning a SOAP response with the Action tag set to in the header instead of an operation-specific response. For example, if you try to invoke an operation that does not exist on a service, you will get back a fault message like the one shown in Listing 6-29. Listing 6-29. An Example Fault Response < xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' > <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:wsa="" xmlns:Ws="" > <soap:Header> <wsa:To>urn:schemas-xmlsoap-org:ws:2004:08:fault</wsa:To> <wsa:Action></wsa:Action> <wsa:RelatesTo>urn:uuid:27561cba-0c41-c8ca-8662-000000ddc662</wsa:RelatesTo> <wsa:MessageID>urn:uuid:27455d7e-0c41-c8ca-8a6d-0000003fc392</wsa:MessageID> </soap:Header> <soap:Body> <wsa:Fault> <wsa:Code> <wsa:Value>soap:Sender</wsa:Value> <wsa:Subcode> <wsa:Value>wsa:DestinationUnreachable</wsa:Value> </wsa:Subcode> </wsa:Code> <wsa:Reason> <wsa:Text lang="en"> No route can be determined to reach the destination role defined by the WS=Addressing To. </wsa:Text> </wsa:Reason> <Ws:Detail> </Ws:Detail> </wsa:Fault> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelope> Indicating a Fault Condition If errors occur during the execution of a service operation, you need to indicate the error situation to the caller by returning a fault response instead of the normal response. You can build the SOAP fault response message from scratch, but the .NET Micro Framework provides the WsFaultException class to do this for you. The WsFaultException enables you to create and return a fault by specifying a fault type and fault message.
Connecting to the Nav Component Screen
The list of Widows Forms controls is available in the Toolbox window, which you can open from Visual Studio s View menu. The controls are grouped together common controls, containers, data, and so on, as shown in Figure 32-4.
Azure .NET Services Access Control
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