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Gets/sets the culture for the current thread. Gets the currently active thread. Gets/sets the culture used by the resource manager when accessing culture-specific resources at runtime. true if the thread is currently running normally and not aborted/stopped. true if the thread is a background thread. Background threads do not prevent the Silverlight runtime from shutting down; therefore, they may be killed abruptly without completing. Unique identifier assigned to the managed thread. Gets/sets the name of the thread. Gets the current execution state of the thread. Possible states are Running, StopRequested, SuspendRequested, Background, Unstarted, Stopped, WaitSleepJoin, Suspended, AbortRequested, and Aborted. The initial value is Unstarted. See Figure 12-2 for more details on state transition during the thread execution.
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To disable the Genius feature, you need to go into your App Store settings (see the App Store Settings section later in this chapter to learn how to disable this feature).
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to get a list of images through which it will iterate. In addition to the configurable delay time between the image transitions, you can also have custom Play, Pause, and Stop buttons for manual control of the slide show. Table 8-16 lists the main properties of the SlideShow extender.
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int x = 5; if( x ) ... if( x == 5 ) ...
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Beyond WSE 2.0: Looking Ahead to Indigo
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Change the WindowState: You can set the WindowState programmatically to Maximized, Minimized, and so on. Resize the application: With Silverlight 4 OOB applications you can set the size of the application when it starts or anytime programmatically while the application is running. Access the Clipboard: This allows you to give users of your applications the ability to copy and paste. This is a new feature to Silverlight 4 but is not limited to OOB applications. Access user folders: Silverlight can access folders such as My Documents.
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The Historical Debugger plays a role similar to that of a black box in a plane. We keep track of important points in your programs execution and allow you to play back what happened at those points at a later time.
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Figure 3-4. Edit process in which objects are removed and CancelEdit() is called
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