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Private members are only accessible from within the class in which they are declared other classes cannot see or access them. Private access is the default access level so if a member is declared without an access modifier, it is a private member. You can also use the private access modifier to explicitly declare a member private. There is no semantic difference between declaring a private member implicitly as opposed to explicitly. They act exactly the same. For example, the following two declarations both specify private int members: int MyInt1; private int MyInt2; Access modifier // Implicitly declared private // Explicitly declared private
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A StackPanel stacks visual objects next to each other, either horizontally or vertically. The Orientation property of the StackPanel can be set to Vertical (the default) or Horizontal. Figure 3-3 shows stacking a label next to a text entry box in a horizontal orientation and are nested within vertically-oriented StackPanel with the title.
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// Main // Convert 5 to LimitedInt // Convert LimitedInt to int
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hapter 3 combined the concepts from 1 with the framework design from 2 to implement much of the CSLA .NET framework. The focus in 3 was on creating editable and read-only business objects and collections to support the UI developer. This chapter will continue the process by adding data access to the framework. This will entail making some minor changes to some of the base classes created in 4. 1 introduced the concept of mobile objects, including the idea that in an ideal world, business logic would be available both on the client workstation (or web server) and on the application server. The implementation of data access in this chapter is specifically designed to leverage the concept of mobile objects by enabling objects to move between client and server. When on the client, all the data binding and UI support from 3 is available to a UI developer; and when on the server, the objects will be able to persist themselves to the database (or other data store). 2 discussed the idea of a data portal. The data portal combines the channel adapter and message router design patterns to provide a simple, clearly defined point of entry to the server for all data access operations. In fact, the data portal entirely hides whether a server is involved, allowing an application to switch between 2-tier and 3-tier physical deployments without changing any code. A UI developer is entirely unaware of the use of a data portal. Instead, the UI developer will interact only with the business objects created by the business developer. The business developer will make use of a Csla.DataPortal class to create, retrieve, update and delete all business object data. This DataPortal class is the single entry point to the entire data portal infrastructure, which enables mobile objects and provides access to server-side resources such as distributed transaction support. The key features enabled by the data portal infrastructure include: Enabling mobile objects Hiding the network transport (channel adapter) Exposing a single point of entry to the server (message router) Exposing server-side resources (database engine, distributed transactions, etc.) Unifying context (passing context data to/from client and server) Using Windows integrated (AD) security Using CSLA .NET custom authentication (including impersonation) Meeting all those needs means that the data portal is a very complex entity. While to a business developer, it appears to consist only of the simple Csla.DataPortal class, there s actually a lot going on behind that class. You should also know that the foundation for custom authentication in the data portal will be created in this chapter, but the details of creating a custom .NET principal object for the data portal will be discussed in 5 and then in the sample application in 8. Figure 4-1 shows the primary classes created in this chapter.
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Table 20-17. Values from the WatcherChangeTypes Enumeration
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Figure 11-9. Searching the stack for an exception handler
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The formal architecture of the Client-Dispatcher-Server pattern defines a client, server, and dispatcher. The client requests a server service from the dispatcher, and then uses the provided service. The server registers itself with the dispatcher and provides services to clients. The dispatcher is responsible for cross-referencing a service request from the client to a server. Having found a server, the dispatcher is responsible for instantiating the service. In simple UML terms, the architecture is similar to what is shown in Figure 4-7.
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In WPF, Windows Forms, and Web Forms, data binding is read-write, meaning that an element of a data source can be bound to an editable control so that changes to the value in the control will be updated back into the data source as well. Data binding in .NET is very powerful. It offers good performance with a high degree of control for the developer. Given the coding savings gained by using data binding, it s definitely a technology that needs to be supported in the business object framework.
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4-3. Find the Rotation Angle Corresponding to a Direction
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