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Unsigned 1-byte integer Signed 2-byte integer Unsigned 2-byte integer Unsigned 4-byte integer Record index to <table> Offset in the #Strings stream Offset in the #GUID stream Offset in the #Blob stream Coded token (see the Coded Token Types table at the end of the appendix)
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Long Types
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The following class uses the base keyword to refer to its base class constructor and the base class implementation of the overridden method: class DerivedClass : BaseClass { public DerivedClass() : base() { // constructor statements go here } public override int CalculateSum(int x, int y) { return base.CalculateSum(x, y); } }
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Unpinned recreatable chunks from the library cache are thrown away during a shared pool flush operation. Instance restart also throws away all the cursors. Flushing artificially induces a higher amount of hard parse calls. Avoid flushing and restarting if possible. A cold backup is the most common reason for scheduled instance restarts. Look into using RMAN backups or hot backups instead.
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Instance Static Static Static
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Figure 3-2. Instantiating a type creates an instance.
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Override the inferred type for a numeric literal value. Use a hexadecimal number or specify negative literal values. Convert from one numeric type to another. Detect overflow problems. Determine the largest and smallest values a numeric type can represent. Convert a string into a numeric type. Determine the smallest detectable different between two float or double types.
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GetField Method
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