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Invariably, something will be missed. Your data can quickly become corrupted, and your system can slow to an absolute crawl over easily avoidable issues such as your applications performing a SQL join where it is discovered that a matching primary-key value is missing. If it can happen, it most likely will happen. And again, moving this type of checking to the application only ensures that over time your application(s) will experience a significant slowdown. Having the client make a roundtrip from the client to the server each and every time the application wants to, say, verify the existence of a primary-key value before inserting a foreign-key value is like a bank teller informing a banking customer whether their minimum bank balance has been reached by manually counting each piece of currency (for instance, every dollar bill) each time the question is posed, before a fee will be incurred. It is a colossal waste of time and resources, not to mention money. And, even more significantly, with this method, logical corruption could easily take place.
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When you apply an attribute to a target, you are specifying which constructor should be used to create the instance of the attribute. The parameters listed in the attribute application are the actual parameters for the constructor. For example, in the following code, MyAttribute is applied to a field and to a method. For the field, the declaration specifies a constructor with a single string parameter. For the method, it specifies a constructor with two string parameters. [MyAttribute("Holds a value")] public int MyField; [MyAttribute("Version 1.3", "Sal Martin")] public void MyMethod() { ... // Constructor with one string // Constructor with two strings
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2. When you press F5 to run the application, now you will see the MessageBox for MouseLeave
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You can also create an instance of a struct without using the new operator. If you do this, however, there are some restrictions, which are the following: You cannot use the value of a data member until you have explicitly set it. You cannot call any function member until all the data members have been assigned. For example, the following code shows two instances of struct Simple created without using the new operator. When there is an attempt to access s1 without explicitly setting the data member values, the compiler produces an error message. There are no problems reading from s2 after assigning values to its members. struct Simple { public int X; public int Y; } class Program { static void Main() { No constructor calls Simple s1, s2; Console.WriteLine("{0},{1}", s1.X, s1.Y); s2.X = 5; Not yet assigned s2.Y = 10; Console.WriteLine("{0},{1}", s2.X, s2.Y); } }
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The framework itself will focus on the Business Logic and Data Access layers. This is primarily due to the fact that there are already powerful technologies for building Windows, web (browser-based and Web Services), and mobile UIs and presentations. Also, there are already powerful data-storage options available, including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, XML documents, and so forth. Recognizing that these preexisting technologies are ideal for building the Presentation and UI layers, as well as for handling data storage, allows business developers to focus on the parts of the application that have the least technological support, where the highest return on investment occurs through reuse. Analyzing, designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining business logic is incredibly expensive. The more reuse achieved, the lower long-term application costs become. The easier it is to maintain and modify this logic, the lower costs will be over time.
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This is achieved typically via the ALTER SESSION command. For example, you could issue ALTER SESSION SET DDL_LOCK_TIMEOUT=60; before issuing the DROP TABLE command. The DROP TABLEcommand issued would then wait 60 seconds before returning an error (or it could succeed of course as well!)
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Database administrators and systems administrators both know that they have a large number of routine, repetitive tasks to perform that are subject to error, either simple typographical error or by omitting or repeating steps inadvertently. These categories of tasks are eminently suitable for scripting. On Unix platforms such scripting is often performed by means of a shell script. Indeed, job descriptions for database administrators often list shell scripting as a required skill. The Windows platform shell (cmd.exe) is a relatively poor environment for shell scripting, largely because of its backward-compatibility with the MS-DOS PC environment common in the 1980s and 1990s.This often leads Unix administrators to consider the Windows environment as lacking in facilities to script repetitive administration tasks. There are, however, a number of technologies available to the administrator on Windows platforms that readily allow scripting of regular maintenance tasks. Most Windows scripting should probably be carried out using an environment designed specifically for the job rather than the command line. Microsoft Windows provides a generic environment and a number of technologies that are useful for administration scripts of this nature. Specifically these are the Windows scripting host, a choice of scripting languages, and the Windows management instrumentation interface. In general these alternative approaches require the installation or purchase of additional software on the database server itself. For now therefore we will examine using the Windows script technologies to automate an example administration task, namely monitoring and management of the database alert.log file. While the specific task of monitoring and managing the alert log could be accomplished by use of the Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager or Grid Control products, the example I provide will illustrate most of the key techniques of Windows scripting and is also applicable to environments that choose not to manage the database via EM.
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