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Listing 1.11 gets increasingly complex as soon as you need to add more text. Fortunately, iText comes to the rescue: you can use convenience classes and methods that significantly reduce the complexity and the lines of code needed to work with direct content.
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12.2.1 Creating new objects
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In this, the second part of the project, we re going to use the web service classes we developed earlier in an application to throw photos on screen. The application will be full screen that is to say, it will not run in a window on the desktop but will take over the whole display. It will also use transitions to perform its movement and other animated effects. The application has a bar of thumbnails along its foot, combined with three buttons, demonstrated in figure 8.3. One button moves the thumbnails forward by a page, another moves them back, and the final button clears the main display area (or desktop, as I m calling it) of photos. As we move over the thumbnails in the bar, the associated title text, which the web service gave us, is displayed. To get a photo onto the desktop, we merely click its thumbnail to see it spin dramatically onto the display scaled to full size. Initially we scale the tiny thumbnail up to the size of the photo, while we wait for the higher-resolution image to be loaded. As we wait, a progress bar appears in the corner of the photo, showing how much of the image has arrived over the network. When the high-resolution image finally finishes loading, it replaces the scaled-up thumbnail, and the progress bar vanishes. We can click and drag individual images to move them around the desktop, or we can click on an empty part of the desktop and drag to move all the images at once.
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using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq;
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Open siteadmin.aspx.vb. You want to restrict access to this page to just users who have the Moderator role. Create an event handler for the Page Load event as usual, and add this code:
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The Collection and Object templates behave identically to the display templates, with the exception that the editor templates are used instead of the display templates for each child item examined. In the next section, we ll examine how MVC decides which template to use.
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Internal protection
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JavaFX Script data and variables
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PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(filename); PdfReaderContentParser parser = new PdfReaderContentParser(reader); MyImageRenderListener listener = new MyImageRenderListener(RESULT); for (int i = 1; i <= reader.getNumberOfPages(); i++) { parser.processContent(i, listener); }
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public interface javax.ejb.Timer { public void cancel(); public long getTimeRemaining(); public java.util.Date getNextTimeout(); public javax.ejb.TimerHandle getHandle();
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How the iPhone compares to the industry
Something needs to kick the animation off. In the code behind, you d extract the animation from the resources and start it like this:
where shirt.Price >= 50.20
Table 20.5 Some sterling UIWebView options Type Property Method Method Method Property Summary Boolean that determines whether phone numbers become links Moves back a page; check canGoBack property first Moves forward a page; check canGoForward property first Reloads the current page Boolean that determines whether the page is zoomed into a viewport and whether user zooming is allowed
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