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Admittedly this is not the best way to help with misspelled words. Spellcheckers come to mind first, and the Lucene website offers a spellchecking contribution. N-grams also come to mind, but they re beyond the scope of this book, other than what is discussed in section 5.3.3. If you re interested in finding out more about them, plenty of documentation is available on the internet.
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The Integrated Development Environment
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Running this code displays the form in Figure 8-3.
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Screens from the Wind and Waves location-aware application
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B and C are here solely to demonstrate that there are two results to a single query of
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UIVIEW REGULATION .net 2 0 build
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Data encryption helps to ensure the integrity of a block of data, even if that data is not encrypted. If you send someone an email during a lightning storm, there is certainly the chance that some or all of the email content could be electronically altered before it reaches the recipient. Let s say that some static in the transmission line just happens to cause one sentence of the content to be duplicated. Let s say that some static in the transmission line just happens to cause one sentence of the content to be duplicated. How would you know whether it was the author trying to make some clever point, or simply a computer glitch
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embed this font, it will check whether the cmr10.pfb file is present in the same directory as the AFM file. If that file is missing, you ll get an exception saying resources/ fonts/cmr10.pfb not found as file or resource. Computer Modern Regular is used twice in our example: once with an AFM file and once with a PFM file.
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Starts playback of the previous media item in the playback queue. This method ends playback if it s already at the first item in the queue.
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iPhone SDK enhancements
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Figure 3.5 Passing an executing object and an argument captured by a named pointcut. This code snippet is functionally equivalent to figure 3.4, but achieves it using a named pointcut. For the advice to access the join point s context, the pointcut itself must collect the context, as opposed to the advice collecting the context when using anonymous pointcuts.
win=new PortalWindow(
javax.interceptor.ExcludeDefaultInterceptors Marks a bean class or bean method to exclude interceptors defined at the module (default) level.
It is not impossible to overload line(), or any other method for that matter, it just isn t always the most appropriate action to take.
The exact way in which you do mixed development will depend on the specifics of your project, but there should be real opportunities to take advantage of each programming style s strengths without much redundancy.
Implementing common Ajax patterns
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