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Main-Class JAR-File-Size JAR-File-URL Use-Once Help-Page-URL
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Building stand-alone applications with Ajax
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If you re using SQL Express, you won t be able to use the databases in that list until you install or create a database (or databases) to work with. You need a sample database, such as AdventureWorks, but AdventureWorks doesn t come with SQL Express, so you ll have to install it yourself, which we do in the next section.
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lock() 410, 466 LockAquisitionException 441 locking 453 LockMode 466 467 LockMode.UPGRADE 466 LockModeType 467 LockModeType.READ 467 log records creating 547 mapping 547 logEvent() 553 logging SQL output 57 with Log4j 58 logic unit testing 731 logical operators 668 lookup in JNDI 429, 431 loopback attribute 610 lost updates 454 LOWER() 638 lpad 640 M makePersistent() 710 makeTransient() 710 managed beans 749 managed environment 426 managed relationships 118 managed resources with JTA benefits 443 ManagedSessionContext 492 ManagedSessionContext.bind() 493 ManagedSessionContext. unbind() 493 manager_lookup_class 448 MANDATORY attribute 513 many-to-many basic 297 bidirectional 300 extra columns on join table 303 in Java 119 as map key and value 312 unidirectional 298 with components 307 many-to-one bidirectional 265 in Java 116 mapping 261 polymorphic 313 with annotations 263
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GetScriptDescriptors Returns the list of script descriptors. The method receives a targetControl parameter that contains a reference to the
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The literal string "from Message as m order by m.text asc" is a Hibernate query, expressed in Hibernate s own object-oriented Hibernate Query Language (HQL). This query is internally translated into the following SQL when find() is called:
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10.2.1 Creating a query instance
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@MappedSuperclass public abstract class BillingDetails { @Column(name = "OWNER", nullable = false) private String owner; ... }
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3.1.2 The CaveatEmptor domain model
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A quick overview of MVC
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In the days of mainframe computing, processing was a centralized, closed, and expensive endeavor. Information was processed by large, costly machines and manipulated from the dreaded green-screen terminals that gave new meaning to the word dumb. Corporate, scientific, and governmental information was locked away in individual computing silos and replicated in various forms across all kinds of computer systems. Mainframe computing is not all bad. The centralized model has enabled the construction of many high-performance, mission-critical applications. Those applications have usually been much easier to understand and implement than their distributed equivalents. They typically contain a single security domain to monitor, do not require a shared or public network to operate, and make any system crashes immediately obvious to both users and administrators. Conversely, distributed applications are far more difficult to implement, manage, and secure. They exist for two primary reasons: to reduce operating costs and to enable information exchange. Distributed systems allow all types of organizations to share resources, integrate processes, and find new ways to generate revenue and reduce costs. For example, a supply chain application can automate and standardize the relationship between several organizations, thereby reducing interaction costs, decreasing processing time, and increasing throughput capacity. In economic terms, distributed systems allow companies to achieve greater economies of scale and focus division of labor across industries. In business terms, companies can integrate entire supply chains and share valuable information with business partners at vastly reduced costs. In scientific terms, researchers can leverage one another s experience and collaborate like never before. And in technical terms, you have a lot of work to do. What makes distributed systems so difficult to design and build is that they are not intuitive. As a human being, your life is both sequential and centralized. For example, you never arrive at work before getting out of bed in the morning, and when you do arrive, you are always the first to know. Distributed computing is not so straightforward. Things happen independently of one another, and there are few guarantees that they will occur in the right order or when they are supposed to. Processes, computers, and networks can crash at any time without warning. Designing a well-behaved, secure
protected void lnkCreateRevision_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string url = Page.Request.Path; if (!_wpm.IsRevisionPage) { url += " view=edit"; } Response.Redirect(url); } protected void lnkApproveChanges_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { _wpm.CommitChanges(); }
Using the methods provided by the WebPartManager makes writing the code to perform these operations straightforward. We simply grab the web part that we want to serialize and pass it to the ExportWebPart method along with an XmlTextWriter that we create. The code to do this is explained in listing 4.7.
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