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A UITouch object is created when a finger is placed on the screen, moves on the screen, or is removed from the screen. A handful of properties and instance methods can give you additional information on the touch, as detailed in table 14.1.
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1.5 Summary
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Implementing common Ajax patterns
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Readable documentation that s been transformed from XML documentation
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We recommend that failure on error be set by default, forcing a build file writer to explicitly turn off build failure if desired. This is consistent with the design of most built-in Ant tasks, although unfortunately, there are some exceptions.
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These properties can be styled with CSS
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The Calculate and Reassign Operators
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The user can add new shapes, text elements, and bar codes to the label by clicking on one of the five Add Items buttons that appear just below the DisplayItems control. Each button adds a default record to the label, which the user can then modify. As each label element is selected from the DisplayItems, its properties appear in the ItemProperties control, an instance of a PropertyGrid control. Modification of a label element is a matter of changing its properties. Figure 18-20 shows a color property being changed.
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A.2 An overview of the compiler
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You want to create a unit test for your stateless session Enterprise JavaBeans.
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Live GridView filter goals
Now let s discuss some technologies that provide extra security features.
Listing 17.5 A JSF backing bean component connects the layers.
A layered architecture defines interfaces between code that implements the various concerns, allowing changes to be made to the way one concern is implemented without significant disruption to code in the other layers. Layering also determines the kinds of interlayer dependencies that occur. The rules are as follows:
Dump error object to console
Advanced mapping concepts
Location of WSDL Fully qualified interface name for SEI
Figure 9.7 After entering and saving the Java program in the text editor, compile the application by selecting the Compile option from the Java menu of the IDE. Compiler errors, if you have any in your Java files associated with the project, are displayed in Jbed s Log window.
Instead of implementing a remote or local business interface, MDBs implement the javax.jms.MessageListener interface. The container uses this well-known JMS interface to invoke an MDB. The onMessage method defined by the interface has a single javax.jms.Message parameter that the container uses to pass a received message to the MDB. Believe it or not, this is more or less all you need to know to get by when using MDBs, as long as you have a decent understanding of messaging and JMS. This wraps up this chapter s discussion of the EJB 3 business-tier components. As we mentioned earlier, we ll devote the entirety of the next part of the book to this vital part of the EJB platform. For now, let s move on to the other major part of EJB, the Persistence API.
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