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The message envelope describes what a message is and who should consume it. SOAP defines encoding rules for serializing application-defined data types. SOAP defines constructs to support RPC interaction between message senders and receivers. SOAP also supports asynchronous (one-way) messages. A SOAP message may be bound to the HTTP protocol and wrapped in an HTTP packet.
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Part 3 Android applications
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If we had attempted to write a test for the business logic before digging into the implementation of the MDB, the pain that would be caused by undesirable coupling would have been evident. By paying attention to the test, we would have uncovered a better design opportunity much sooner. Indeed, when writing a test is painful, we can usually assume that something s wrong. Consider how difficult it is to write a test for the business logic through the MDB s onMessage() method. To do so, we would have to follow this procedure:
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Making the list: Video Player, version 2
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The asynchronous communication layer
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When you run this command, a little service program will start up called the JavaFX SDK 1.2 Device Manager. You ll see its icon in the system tray (typically located in the southeast corner of the screen on Windows). If you are running a firewall (and I sincerely hope you are), you may get a few alerts at this point, asking you to sanction connections from this new software. Providing the details relate to Java and not some other mysterious application, you should grant the required permissions to allow the Device Manager and emulator to run. The result should look like figure 10.10. Once the emulator has fired up, the game can be played using the navigation buttons and the two function buttons directly below the screen. The navigation buttons move around the maze, while the function buttons turn the view.
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In this section, we ll turn our attention to an industrial-strength example of considerable power called Mirrors. The Mirrors system is a program that will interpret XML for any .NET API and then call the methods mentioned therein. Figure 10-1(b) was in fact produced from Mirrors using Figure 10-1(a) as the input. In terms of Figure 10-6, Mirrors acts as a combined Parser and Interpreter. It activates XML parsing mechanisms that are built into .NET, and then uses reflection to invoke the methods thus described. As such, Mirrors can be described as a generic reflective Interpreter. It does not mention any API by name and can work with any of them. The Mirrors system was written by Hans Lombard and was based on an interpreter called Views, which Nigel Horspool, D-J Miller, and I developed before Windows Forms was available with .NET on Linux and Mac OS X. The Views notation was a stylized XML, and the interpreter included a parser and an engine. (See references in the Bibliography at the end of the book.) Mirrors is particularly useful for creating GUIs. The version included here will access the Windows Forms API and show a GUI, but to conserve space, it does not include the engine to make the resulting GUI operate; this is a small add-on of the size of the Interact class used previously. The events would be specified in the XML and the corresponding methods implemented in extension methods to the Mirrors system.
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Hello World! It is now 4/4/2010 5:24:16 PM
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Once they are entirely in memory, DOM documents are viewed as a hierarchical tree.
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form.onreset formfield.onblur formfield.onchange formfield.onclick formfield.onfocus formfield.onmouseup textarea.onkeydown textarea.onkeypress textarea.onkeyup window.onload
Write a Java class with native methods. Compile the Java source into bytecodes. Create a C++ header from the compiled classes with the javah tool. Incorporate this header in a C++ project that creates a dynamic or shared library as its output. Write the C++ code to perform the actual functionality needed. Compile the code, pulling in the JNI header files from the JDK. Link to library files in the JDK as needed to resolve external references.
Mapping persistent classes
Button[] myButtonArray;
Exercise Solutions
// Run the turtle for the specified duration public void RunFor(double duration) {
11: Inheritance and Polymorphism
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