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public byte[] fillTemplate(String filename, Movie movie) throws IOException, DocumentException { ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(TEMPLATE); PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(reader, baos); AcroFields form = stamper.getAcroFields(); BaseColor color = WebColors.getRGBColor( "#" + movie.getEntry().getCategory().getColor()); PushbuttonField bt = form.getNewPushbuttonFromField(POSTER); bt.setLayout(PushbuttonField.LAYOUT_ICON_ONLY); bt.setProportionalIcon(true); Replaces bt.setImage(Image.getInstance( POSTER button String.format(IMAGE, movie.getImdb()))); bt.setBackgroundColor(color); form.replacePushbuttonField(POSTER, bt.getField()); PdfContentByte canvas = stamper.getOverContent(1); float size = 12; FieldPosition f = form.getFieldPositions(TEXT).get(0); Fills out while ( TEXT field addParagraph( createMovieParagraph(movie, size), canvas, f, true) && size > 6) { size -= 0.2; } addParagraph( createMovieParagraph(movie, size), canvas, f, false); form.setField(YEAR, String.valueOf(movie.getYear())); Fills out form.setFieldProperty(YEAR, "bgcolor", color, null); YEAR field form.setField(YEAR, String.valueOf(movie.getYear())); stamper.setFormFlattening(true); stamper.close(); return baos.toByteArray(); } public boolean addParagraph( Paragraph p, PdfContentByte canvas, FieldPosition f, boolean simulate) throws DocumentException {
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As we mentioned earlier, there are some ways that you can modify how events are reported (and whether they are at all). As you ll see, three different objects give you access to this sort of regulation: UIResponder, UIView, and UIApplication. We ve listed all the notable options we ll discuss in table 6.4. Because UIView is a subclass of UIResponder, you generally have access to the methods from both classes in most UIKit objects. You ll need to do some additional work to access the UIApplication methods.
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An application has been packaged up into source and binary distributions, with Windows Zip and Unix gzip packages to redistribute. The distribution files are to be uploaded to a remote server such as SourceForge. We created the distribution packages in chapter 6, so they are ready to go. All that we need is the <ftp> task. There is one little detail, however. If you put the password to the server into the build file, everyone who gets a copy of the source can log in to the server. You have to pull the password out into a properties file that you keep private and secure. SourceForge is such a popular target for deployment that we want to show how to deploy to it. The current process is that you FTP up the distribution, using anonymous FTP, then go to the project web page where a logged-in project administrator can add a new package or release an update to an existing package in the project administration section, under edit/release packages. Ant can perform the upload, leaving the web page work to the developers. Listing 7.2 shows the basic upload target.
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server=""/> server="${deployment.server}"/> server="${mail.server}"/> server="${cvs.server}"/>
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The Java APIs for XML
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To create our first area, we can start by right-clicking the project in the Solution Explorer and selecting Add > Area, as shown in figure 21.1.
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Using aliases Usually, when you select a class to query from using HQL or JPA QL, you need to assign an alias to the queried class to use as a reference in other parts of the query:
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The preceding scenario works when you can control the producer and you have a closed loop. But what if you don t own the producer, or there are too many producers for you to make them also manage a counter In this case, you can use a return receipt, or a work complete receipt. In this approach, as work is completed, a message is sent through a separate channel, perhaps another queue, back to the producer. This alerts the producer that the work is done. This is common in scenarios where the process takes a long time to complete, and the producer wants an asynchronous notification when the work is done. Instead of using a return queue, we ve also had the consumer call a small notification web service on the producer side, sending a simple message regarding the status of the work. This makes the consumer an active part of the process, and it removes the need for the producer to monitor a queue and become a consumer itself.
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