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Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load ListBox1.Items.Add(1) ListBox1.Items.Add("Easy") ListBox1.Items.Add(#5/3/2006#) End Sub End Class
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Required ScriptManager
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Strategies for localizing an application
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y - 70, radius, true); y - 70, radius / 2, true);
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properties (continued) Arguments 148 AsBytes 368 AsString 368 BackOffPace 366 BlobType 202 CacheControl 202 ConfigurationChangePollInterval 415 ContentEncoding 202 ContentLanguage 202 ContentMD5 202 ContentType 202 CounterSpecifier 412 CurrentRoleInstance 343 DevelopmentStorageAccount 172 Etag 202 FileName 148 GetMaximumSizeInMegabytes 88 InstanceEndpoints 343 IsAvailable 80, 106 LastModifiedUtc 202 LeaseStatus 202 Length 202 Name 88 PartitionKey 244, 253 RefreshInterval 366 RootPath 88, 354 RowKey 244, 253 ScheduledTransferPeriod 419 Timestamp 244 245, 253 protected resources 382 protocols HTTP 82, 127, 160 HTTPS 82, 422 TDS 24, 300, 311 WRAP 383 public keys 423 publish command 45 pulling messages 338 pushing messages 338 PUT verb 281 PXE 70 Python 139
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124 Listing 5.1
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If you ve built simple applications with Java, you must be aware that when you run your application, the classes that make it up (often packaged in a standard JAR file) are made available to the JVM through the CLASSPATH environment variable. When a particular class is invoked, the JVM loads that class into memory by locating it from the available byte code files provided either via JAR files in the CLASSATH or a specified directory structure. Class loading is initially performed by the JVM when it starts up. It loads the essential classes required, and then subclasses of the java.lang.ClassLoader class take the lead. These class loaders allow applications to load classes dynamically that may not be required during the compilation process. By default, the JVM
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This form won t win any awards for design, but its use will illustrate a number of key points about Web Forms.
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public DBHelper(Context context) { dbOpenHelper = new DBOpenHelper(context, "WR_DATA", 1); Create establishDb(); DBOpenHelper } instance private void establishDb() { if (db == null) { Open database db = dbOpenHelper.getWritableDatabase(); connection } } public void cleanup() { Tear down if (db != null) { database connection db.close(); db = null; } } public void insert(Location location) { Provide convenience ContentValues values = new ContentValues(); insert, update, values.put("zip",; delete, get values.put("city",; values.put("region", location.region); values.put("lastalert", location.lastalert); values.put("alertenabled", location.alertenabled);
The FileSystem.DeleteDirectory deletes directories that still contain other files, an action that RmDir rejected. There s also an option to send the files to the Recycle Bin. Same process listed for GetAttr earlier in this table. The FileInfo object s Attributes and IsReadOnly properties are read/write values, assuming you have the necessary security rights to change attributes.
Web site name
Private Sub FirstHandler(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click End Sub Private Sub SecondHandler(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click End Sub
Peer-to-peer connections using Game Kit
Figure 4.8 The MDB lifecycle has three states: does not exist, idle, and busy. There are only two lifecycle callbacks corresponding to bean creation and destruction; you can use PostConstruct and PreDestroy methods to receive these callbacks.
Be sure to check the Show all settings checkbox in the lower-left corner of the Options dialog box; otherwise, you will not see many of the options, including the default locations shown in Figure B-5.
Table 6-10. Visual Basic date-related functions and properties Function
Fine-grained object models
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