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' ----- Instance of report selection items used ' in the ReportSelect form. Public ItemType As ReportItemEnum Public Indent As Integer ' Indent level. Starts with 0. Public DisplayText As String Public ReportPath As String ' ExeProgram / UrlProgram only Public ReportArgs As String ' ExeProgram only Public Description As String Public Overrides Function ToString( ) As String ' ----- Display an indented string. Prepend with spaces. Return StrDup(Indent * 5, " ") & DisplayText End Function
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The C# language is disarmingly simple, which makes it good for beginners, but C# also includes all the support for the structured, component-based, object-oriented programming that one expects of a modern language built on the shoulders of C++ and Java. In other words, it s a fully featured language appropriate for developing large-scale applications, but at the same time it is designed to be easy to learn. A small team led by two distinguished Microsoft engineers, Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Wiltamuth, developed the original C# language. Hejlsberg is also known for creating Turbo Pascal, a popular language for PC programming, and for leading the team that designed Borland Delphi, one of the first successful integrated development environments (IDEs) for client/server programming. The goal of C# is to provide a simple, safe, object-oriented, high-performance language for .NET development. C# is simple because there are relatively few keywords. Keywords are special words reserved by the language that have a specific meaning within all C# programs, including if, while, and for. You ll learn about these keywords in the coming chapters. C# is considered safe because the language is type-safe, which is an important mechanism to help you find bugs early in the development process, as you ll see later. This makes for code that is easier to maintain and programs that are more reliable. C# was designed, from the very start, to support object-oriented programming. In this book, we ll explain not only how to write object-oriented programs, but also why object-oriented programming has become so popular. The short answer is this: programs are becoming increasingly complex, and object-oriented programming techniques help you manage that complexity. C# was designed for .NET, and .NET was designed (in part) for developing web and web-aware programs. The Internet is a primary resource in most .NET applications.
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Brent Ashley (2000) Open source
Table 11.4
Core hardware specifications
Build autom ation
Symmetric cryptography uses a single secret key to both encrypt and decrypt a block of data. Although these algorithms are often quite fast (when compared to asymmetric cryptography), the need to provide the full secret key to others to share data may make them inherently less secure. Still, for many applications, secret key encryption is sufficient. The .NET Framework includes support for four symmetric encryption algorithms: Data Encryption Standard (DES), a 56-bit block cipher with primary support through the DESCryptoServiceProvider class. This algorithm is generally secure, but due to its small key size (smaller keys are more easily compromised), it is inappropriate for highly sensitive data. RC2 (Rivest Cipher number 2), a 56-bit block cipher with primary support through the RC2CryptoServiceProvider class. Lotus originally developed the cipher for use in its Lotus Notes product. It is not excitingly secure, but for this reason, it was given more favorable export freedoms by the U.S. government. Rijndael (derived from the names of its two designers, Daemen and Rijmen), a variable bit (between 128 to 256 bits) block cipher with primary support through the RijndaelManaged class. It is related to a similar algorithm named Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and is the most secure of the secret key algorithms provided with .NET. Triple DES, a block cipher that uses the underlying DES algorithm three times to generate a more secure result, with primary support through the TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider class. Although more secure than plain DES, it is still much more vulnerable than the Rijndael or AES standard. The various provider classes are tools that must be used together with other cryptography classes to work properly. For instance, this sample code (based on code found in the MSDN documentation) uses the DESCryptoServiceProvider and CryptoStream classes, both members of System.Security.Cryptography, to jointly encrypt and decrypt a block of text:
To compare the candidate files, we could load them into memory. The File class offers three likely looking static methods: ReadAllBytes, which treats the file as binary, and loads it into a byte array; File.ReadAllText, which treats it as text, and reads it all into a string; and File.ReadLines, which again treats it as text, but loads each line into its own string, and returns an array of all the lines. We could even call File.OpenRead to obtain a StreamReader (equivalent to the StreamWriter, but for reading data we ll see this again later in the chapter). Because we re looking at all file types, not just text, we need to use one of the binarybased methods. File.ReadAllBytes returns a byte[] containing the entire contents of the file. We could then compare the files byte for byte, to see if they are the same. Here s some code to do that. First, let s update our DisplayMatches function to do the load and compare, as shown by the highlighted lines in Example 11-33.
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