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Figure 3.2 The four content layers: 2 and 3 for the high-level objects; 1 and 4 for direct content
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string fileSameSizeInAllButDifferentContent = "SameNameAndSizeDifferentContent.txt";
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primary key NUMBER VARCHAR2(255)
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A client that wishes to execute a command needs to instantiate and prepare a Command object. For example, placing a bid for an auction requires a BidForAuctionCommand on the client:
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If your query retrieves multiple instances of Category entities with the same name, it will throw NonUniqueResultException. The persistence provider will throw NoResultException when your query does not retrieve any result.
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Branching causes your program to depart from a top-down statement-by-statement execution. A method call is the most common form of unconditional branching. When the method completes, execution returns to the point where it left off. Conditional branching enables your program to branch based on runtime conditions, typically based on the value or relative value of one or more objects or variables. The if construct executes a statement if a condition is true and skips it otherwise. When the condition in an if statement is actually two conditions joined by an or operator, if the first condition evaluates to true, the second condition will not be evaluated at all. This is called short-circuiting. The if...else construct lets you take one set of actions if the condition tested evaluates true, and a different set of actions if the condition tested evaluates false. if statements can be nested to evaluate more complex conditions. The switch statement lets you compare the value of an expression with several constant values (integers, enumerated constants, or strings), and take action depending on which value matches. It is good programming practice for switch statements to include a default statement that executes if no other matches are found. Iteration, or looping, allows you to take the same action several times consecutively. Iterations are typically controlled by a conditional expression. The goto statement is used to redirect execution to another point in the program, but its use is typically discouraged. The while loop executes a block of code while the tested condition evaluates true. The condition is tested before each iteration. The do...while loop is similar to the while loop, but the condition is evaluated at the end of the iteration so that the iterated statement is guaranteed to execute at least once. The for loop is used to execute a statement a specific number of times. The header of the for loop can be used to initialize one or more variables, test a logical condition, and modify the variables. The typical use of a for loop is to initialize a counter once, test that a condition is using that counter before each iteration, and modify the counter after each iteration. Now you ve seen how you can control the flow of your programs, and combined with user input, we hope you can see how your programs are now a lot more powerful. The ability to react to changes in data is what most applications are all about.
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If you don t have a copy of the project from chapter 4 you can grab it from the chapter 4 section of the resources website for this book.
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In this aspect, the logPoints() pointcut is declared abstract in order to let subaspects provide a definition for it. Similarly, the abstract method getLogger() defers providing the logger object to subaspects. The advice that logs the message uses both these abstract entities to perform its task. The net effect is that the logging logic is embedded in the advice, while each subaspect will fill in the details of the log points and the log object. In the following discussion, we will see how a concrete aspect provides a definition for abstract pointcuts and methods.
private void updateAllSites() { Log.i(SiteMonitorUpdater.tag,"updateAllSites"); try { AppWidgetManager appWidgetManager = AppWidgetManager.getInstance(context); Get ComponentName widgetComponentName = new widget ComponentName(context,SiteMonitorWidgetImpl.class); list int [] widgetIds = appWidgetManager.getAppWidgetIds(widgetComponentName); for (int i=0 ; i< widgetIds.length; i++) { Load SiteMonitorModel smm = widget data SiteMonitorModel.getWidgetData(context, widgetIds[i]); if (smm != null) { updateOneSite(smm,widgetIds[i]); Update widget } else { Log.i(SiteMonitorUpdater.tag,"Ignore this zombie widget!"); } }
Your EJB application makes use of session beans that call into data access objects (DAOs) rather than entity beans. If the data update from the DAO object fails, you want the transaction to roll back.
Web Development
12.5.3 Filtering data with the REST API
Advanced drawing in Quartz
If we were using SQL as our search engine, we would have to write a lot of the searching logic by hand. Not only would it be reinventing the wheel, but very likely our wheel would look more like a square than a circle. Searching takes a query from a user and returns the list of matching results efficiently and ordered by relevance. Like indexing, searching is a multistep process, as shown in figure 1.7. We ll walk through the steps and see how they solve the problems we ve seen during the development of our SQL-based search engine. The first operation is about building the query. Depending on the fulltext search tool, the way to express query is either:
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