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public @interface Column { String name() default ""; boolean unique() default false; boolean nullable() default true; boolean insertable() default true; boolean updatable() default true; String columnDefinition() default ""; String table() default ""; int length() default 255; int precision() default 0; int scale() default 0; }
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Managed entity instances are monitored. Every modification you make to an instance in persistent state is at some point synchronized with the database (unless you abort the unit of work). Because the EntityTransaction is managed by the application, you need to do the commit() manually. The same rule applies to the application-controlled EntityManager: You need to release all resources by closing it. Retrieving an entity instance The EntityManager is also used to query the database and retrieve persistent entity instances. Java Persistence supports sophisticated query features (which we ll cover later in the book). The most basic is as always the retrieval by identifier:
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This example looks up the special hostname localhost, which always refers to the local machine on which the program is running. Both IPv4 and IPv6 define special addresses that are reserved to refer to the local machine, so if you run Example 13-22, you ll see that it prints out two addresses, one for IPv6 and one for IPv4:
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Multidimensional Arrays |
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This method is invoked in the Run( ) method when you write:
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The HTML markup defines the structure of the document, not the look. It also defines points in the document through which the look can be applied, such as class names, unique IDs, and even the tag types themselves. Reading the HTML, we can see how each element relates to the other in terms of containment but not the eventual visual style. Editing the stylesheet can change the look of this document considerably while retaining the structure, as figure 2.2 has demonstrated. The complete stylesheet for the widget is shown in listing 2.2.
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CGContextDrawImage CGContextDrawTiledImage
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Each Display Mode exposes certain operations. Operations This is the default state of a web part page. In this state users can view the web parts on the page. In this mode the user can drag parts between the zones. There are also special user interface elements present that allow the user to choose web parts from a gallery, and to add them to the page. In this mode special user interface elements are displayed to users that allow them to connect web parts together. There is also a connect verb added to all web parts that are capable of being connected. Similar to browse mode, except that it allows users to drag web parts between zones. This mode allows users to edit the properties and attributes of web parts. To do this, special user interface elements are displayed. In this mode users can also drag web parts between zones.
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Dim Writers As New Generic.List(Of Author) Dim Library As New Generic.List(Of Book) Writers.Add(New {.AuthorID = Writers.Add(New {.AuthorID = Writers.Add(New {.AuthorID = Author With _ "LT", .FullName = "Tolstoy, Leo"}) Author With _ "LW", .FullName = "Wallace, Lew"}) Author With _ "JB", .FullName = "Barrie, J. M."})
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The equality operator is the most natural of the three methods to use when you have two string objects.
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functional-tests: [junit] Testsuite: org.example.antbook.test.HttpUnitTest [junit] Tests run: 2, Failures: 0, Errors: 1, Time elapsed: 2.35 sec [junit] [junit] Testcase: testIndex(org.example.antbook.test.HttpUnitTest): Caused an ERROR [junit] Error on HTTP request: 500 Internal Error [http://eiger:8080/antbook/happy.jsp] [junit] com.meterware.httpunit.HttpInternalErrorException: Error on HTTP request: 500 Internal Error http://eiger:8080/antbook/happy.jsp] [junit] TEST org.example.antbook.test.HttpUnitTest FAILED [junit] at com.meterware.httpunit.WebClient.validateHeaders (WebClient.java:350) [junit] at com.meterware.httpunit.WebClient.updateClient (WebClient.java:299) [junit] at com.meterware.httpunit.WebClient.getResponse (WebClient.java:72) [junit] at org.example.antbook.test.HttpUnitTest.testIndex (HttpUnitTest.java:57)
' ----- Assumes: ' Imports System.Data Dim libraryDB As New SqlClient.SqlConnection( _ "Data Source=MYSYSTEM\SQLEXPRESS;" & _ "Initial Catalog=Library;Integrated Security=true") libraryDB.Open( )
if...else Statements
There s an overload of the Any operator that doesn t take a condition. You can use this to ask the question: is there anything in this sequence For example:
If you skip to section 9.3, you ll also find an example of how to embed a PDF in an HTML page using the object tag. Using the tips and tricks summed up in this section, you should be able to tackle all the problems that can occur when writing a servlet that produces a PDF document. Writing a JSP page generating a PDF is another story.
A class for objects representing the Originator s saved state
With the business object chosen, all that remains is to choose which method of the object will provide us with the data. The last screen of the wizard that we ll be using allows us to select the ListDepartments method and press Finish. This last screen is displayed in figure 2.17. Now the wizard has all of the information it needs to create a data source control that can be bound to the GridView, and we can create a page in which to display our control. To add this web part to the web part page we created earlier, switch the Default.aspx page into design mode and drag the DepartmentListingPart user control from the Server Explorer on to the WebPartZone. Listing 2.16 shows that by adding the user control, Visual Studio has automatically registered the control with the page and added the correct markup for the user control into the zone template for us.
In each instance the whole source image is copied onto the destination image. In the case of the merge methods, an opacity of 50 percent is specified, and for copyResized() the image is scaled by a factor of 0.75 ($scale) in both directions. The variables $x_offset and $y_offset are used to determine coordinates that will leave enough room for the destination rectangle to fall inside of the image. 8.2.2
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In the second half of the previous listing, you add a series of buttons to the document, creating a RichMediaExecuteAction for each button. The action will be triggered on the rich media annotation for which you pass the indirect reference. You also pass a RichMediaCommand. The name of the action is a PDF string that corresponds to the string you used as the parameter of the ExternalInterface.addCallback() method in the Flex application. The argument can be a PdfString, PdfNumber, PdfBoolean, or PdfArray containing those objects. You also add a text field named date. When you click one of the PDF buttons, the getDateInfo() method will be called, an XML file containing screenings will be fetched from the internet, filling the data grid, and the Flex application will trigger the showDate() JavaScript method to change the value of the date field. Although this is a very simple example, the techniques that are used can apply to many different types of applications. You could use these techniques to integrate fancy Flash buttons that trigger functions in a PDF file, or you could embed a Flex application to establish client-server communication to retrieve the most recent data. But don t forget that this functionality is very new: it only works with the most recent versions of Adobe Reader!
System; NUnit.Framework; White.Core; White.Core.UIItems.WindowItems; White.Core.UIItems;
What happens under the covers is that the runtime allocates a new object and puts a copy of the value inside it. This is called boxing, and, as you might expect given that it involves allocating objects and copying values, it is relatively expensive when compared to a straightforward assignment. You can also convert back the other way:
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