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The use cases are outlined in table 6.1.
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Dynamic SQL generation
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Preparing an application for distribution
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privileged public aspect PrivilegeTestAspect { ... }
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In the event that a Lucene document doesn t have any of the metadata fields listed in table 13.1, Luke will display <not available>. Listing 13.10 is a complete example of how to use the LucenePDFDocument class.
package javax.persistence; public enum TemporalType { DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP } public @interface Temporal { TemporalType value() default TIMESTAMP; }
Migrating to EJB 3
Appendix: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
Boost is supported at both the class level and the field level. For example, either or both of the following are allowed:
Primary-Key Classes and Composite Keys
Introducing the StorageClient library and REST API Understanding how to effectively modify data Querying the Table service
Figure 10.6 An example of audio files being saved to the SD card image in the emulator
Defining a field for our scale factor is an improvement, but we could do better. Our 1.609344 isn t ever going to change. There are always that many kilometers per mile, not just for this instance of a Plane, but for any Plane there ever will be. Why allocate the storage for the field in every single instance Wouldn t it be better if we could define this value just once, and not store it in every Plane instance
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