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Operation 2 Subsystem B, Method B1 Subsystem C, Method C1 */
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Queues Tables
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3: Structural Patterns: Composite and Flyweight
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The iBATIS framework uses type handlers to convert data from the JDBC databasespecific data types to your application data types, so you can create an application that uses a database in a way that makes the database as transparent as possible. A type handler is essentially a translator it takes a result set column and translates it into a bean property. In most cases, these components are very simple, like the StringTypeHandler that simply calls the result set s getString method and returns it as a String. In other cases, you may have more complex translation requirements. For example, if your database does not have a Boolean data type, you may use a single character with Y and N values to indicate true and false in the database, but then translate that character to Boolean in your application classes. In chapter 12, you will learn more about how to build custom type handlers to deal with these sorts of situations, so we will not go into much more detail here. To deal with this situation, you need to create two classes: a custom type handler and a type handler callback. If you write a custom type handler, you need to tell iBATIS how and when to use them. You do that by using the <typeHandler> element and telling it what it is translating between: the jdbcType and the javaType. In addition, the callback class that is used to manage the type handler is required.
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AcroRd32.exe /A "page=28=OpenActions" c:/downloads/js_api_reference.pdf
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Section 5.3.1
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calculate this. Each one of these mechanisms expects a different specification for the attribute being queried, as well. The IE currentStyle expects style attributes specified via the JavaScript-like binding (for example, borderRightWidth), whereas the Mozilla getComputedStyle() expects attributes specified with the stylesheetlike syntax (for example, border-right-width). Luckily, Rico provides a method that takes care of all of this for us RicoUtil.getElementsComputedStyle(). We just pass it the element, the IE name for the attribute, and the Mozilla name for the attribute, and the method returns a value. Our method here gets the values of the left and right borders and margins, sums them up, and returns them. The Rico.getElementsComputedStyle() is known to have issues with some versions of Safari, and so we provide a default return value within a try...catch block. Creating the pop-up contents Now that we have the code to create and position the pop-up, we need to write a method to populate it with actual suggestions before it can be useful. Recall that our ajaxUpdate() method parses the XML from the response into an array of suggestion objects. And, if at least one suggestion exists, it calls a method named this.updateSugggestionsDiv(). This method is the transformer of the in-memory collection of suggestions to actual SPAN elements within the pop-up div. Let s look at how that s done now:
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x' = 1 * x + 0 * y + dX y' = 0 * x + 1 * y + dY
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(individual page template)
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Listing 4.16 TestAssociation.java: testing associations
Antipattern: The Golden Hammer
The regex expression
Table 6.1 JMS message types vary by the structure of their payload. Each can carry light or heavy loads. Fat messages clog up the messaging pipes and invariably impact the performance of a messaging application. Message type
using System.ServiceModel; using System.ServiceModel.Web; public class svcProcessString { public static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Starting string reversal servicehost...");
We discuss association and collection mappings in great detail in chapters 6 and 7. So far, the issues we ve considered are mainly structural. We can see them by considering a purely static view of the system. Perhaps the most difficult problem in object persistence is a dynamic problem. It concerns associations, and we ve already hinted at it when we drew a distinction between object network navigation and table joins in section 1.1.4, Persistence in object-oriented applications. Let s explore this significant mismatch problem in more depth.
<target name="taskdef" depends="init" unless="taskdef.uptodate"> <!-- ... --> </target>
* Thanks to Nigel Horspool for suggesting and executing these tests.
Named Queries
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