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The execution of the application jumps to the beginning of the method, and then executes the method. When the execution reaches the End Sub statement at the end of the helper method, it returns to the line in the event handler where it left from and continues from there. If you need to pass values (called parameters) from the calling method into the helper method, you would include them in the parentheses of the method call. This example doesn t pass any parameters.
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Listing 13.10 Automating the creation of a client event
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As of this writing, the iPhone 4.0 SDK is in the beta stage. It was recently announced and isn t scheduled to release for another six months. That being said, we chose to omit its contents from this book until it has had some time to mature into a full release. This will be some time in the summer of 2010 for the iPhone and in the fall for the iPad. Although we won t be going into detail about the 4.0 SDKs, we ll touch briefly on some of the major features, including the addition of multitasking and a Game Center, and enhancements to multimedia frameworks and the overall user experience. All the information we ll present is readily available on Apple s developer website at http://developer.apple.com/iphone.
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Criteria crit = session.createCriteria(User.class); crit.addOrder( Order.asc("name") ); crit.setFirstResult(40); crit.setMaxResults(20);
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private ReplacementDataSet dataSet;
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The resulting list in this case is a list of XML documents. Just what you wanted, right Well, in some cases, maybe but in most cases, no. Instead of a single XML document with multiple account elements in it, you get a list of strings like our previous result, which means that you have to manipulate the strings if you want to concatenate them all together into a single document. This is not exactly optimal. The workaround is to not use iBATIS to get the XML results. A simple approach is to use a normal iBATIS mapped statement that returns a collection and creates the XML from that. One way to do that (if you are using a bean for your results) is to create a method like the following to help create the XML:
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Authentication is the process of ensuring that an entity is who it says it is. In its weakest form, an entity is required to provide a password to authenticate itself. Using something the entity knows to authenticate is not very secure, because any other entity that also knows this information can impersonate the real entity. Stronger authentication mechanisms can be created using public key cryptography and certificate chains. In this model, a certificate authority that is trusted by your application vouches for the entity wishing to be authenticated, by signing the entity s authentication credential either directly or indirectly through a certificate chain. Your application agrees to transitively trust entities that are trusted by the certificate authority. This is a stronger form of authentication because it uses something the entity has (a signed credential), rather
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changes and integrates the code when something new is detected. That approach will probably work too. But why do it the hard way Why not make a full-blown system to do the job Many great source control systems are available. Many of them are free and free in this field doesn t mean an inferior product. They re feature rich and wellestablished. Installation is easy, and the list of benefits is huge. Let s examine them quickly before you decide what source control system to use.
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Table 3-1. A Sample of the AJAX Toolkit Controls Toolkit Control
Other than its decoder argument (which you should be able to ignore), it should work like any other init method.
grips with the grim realities and compromises built into the browsers that we know and love. If we don t acknowledge these lower layers of the software stack, things can start to go wrong. If our application takes several seconds to respond to a button being clicked or several minutes to process a form, then we are in trouble, however elegant the design of the system. Similarly, if our application needs to grab 20MB of system memory every time we ask it what the time is and lets go of only 15MB, then our potential users will quickly discard it. JavaScript is (rightly) not known for being a fast language, and it won t perform mathematical calculations with the rapidity of hand-tuned C. JavaScript objects are not light either, and DOM elements in particular take up a lot of memory. Web browser implementations too tend to be a little rough around the edges in many cases and prone to memory leaks of their own. Performance of JavaScript code is especially important to Ajax developers because we are boldly going where no web programmer has gone before. The amount of JavaScript that a full-blown Ajax application needs is significantly more than a traditional web application would use. Further, our JavaScript objects may be longer lived than is usual in a classic web app, because we don t refresh the entire page often, if at all. In the following two sections, we ll pursue the two pillars of performance, namely, execution speed and memory footprint. Finally, we ll round out this chapter with a case study that demonstrates the importance of naming and understanding the patterns that a developer uses when working with Ajax and with the DOM.
If (SaveData( ) = True) Then MsgBox("Data saved.") If (TimeOfDay >= #13:00#) _ Then currentStatus = WorkStatus.GoHome _ Else currentStatus = WorkStatus.BusyWorking
Other Xcode functionality
$im->Frame(geometry => "12x10+3+4");
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