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Users, blocks, and comments are not nodes. Each of these specialized data structures has its own hook system geared towards its intended purpose. Nodes (usually) have title and body content, and a data structure representing a user doesn t need that. Rather, users need an e-mail address, a username, and a safe way to store passwords. Blocks are lightweight storage solutions for smaller pieces of content such as menu navigation, a search box, a list of recent comments, and so on. Comments aren t nodes to keep them lightweight as well. It s quite possible to have

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Figure 12-1. The JavaQuestion application displays an icon and prompts the user to answer a question. As shown in Listing 12-1, this code uses four text resources and an ImageIcon that should be localized based on the default Locale, and a ResourceBundle named MyResources can easily be created like the following one. As you can see, this class simply defines each resource and maps it to a String key, while the getContents() method returns a reference to the array containing the key/value pairs. import java.util.*; import javax.swing.*; public class MyResources extends ListResourceBundle { protected static Object[][] resources = { {"WhatIsJava", "What is Java "}, {"JavaIsLang", "Is Java an object-oriented " + "programming language"}, {"LabelYes", "Yes"}, {"LabelNo", "No"}, {"FlagIcon", new ImageIcon("flags/unitedstates.gif")} }; public Object[][] getContents() { return resources; } } If the application that uses these resources is intended to also be used by German-speaking people, you could create an equivalent ResourceBundle called MyResources_de: import java.util.*; import javax.swing.*; public class MyResources_de extends ListResourceBundle { protected static Object[][] resources = { {"WhatIsJava", "Was ist Java "}, {"JavaIsLang", "Ist Java eine objektorientierte " + "Programmiersprache "},

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{"LabelYes", "Ja"}, {"LabelNo", "Nein"}, {"FlagIcon", new ImageIcon("flags/germanygif")} }; public Object[][] getContents() { return resources; } } This definition of a German-language ResourceBundle illustrates an important point Although it may be possible for all German-speaking users to share the text in this bundle, it s not appropriate for them to share the same flag icon, since the German language is spoken in more than one country It wouldn t be correct, for example, to display Germany s flag for a user in Switzerland, although it might be appropriate to use the same text resources for both Fortunately, Java s internationalization capabilities were designed to easily address this problem As mentioned earlier, getBundle() creates a ResourceBundle for each of the variations it finds for the specified bundle name In this case, both MyResources_declass and MyResourcesclass will be loaded if a German Locale (for example, LocaleGERMAN or Locale.

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A Barcode tracking system can manage inventory processes, i.e., order fulfillment​, WIP for light manufacturing, location tracking & identifying inventory.

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GERMANY) is the default or is specified explicitly when getBundle() is called In addition, the bundles are arranged in a logical hierarchy, and if you request a resource that isn t found in the lowest bundle, the hierarchy will be searched until a bundle is found that does contain the resource In this case, for example, if you request a resource that isn t defined in MyResources_declass but is defined in MyResourcesclass, the value from MyResources will be returned You can take advantage of this behavior by defining only the resources in a lower bundle that should be different from those in a higher bundle For example, to address the issue described earlier of the German flag being returned for Swiss users, it s possible to simply define a new German Swiss (MyResources_de_CH) bundle, like this: import javautil*; import javaxswing.

100 or more comments per page, and if each of those comments had to go through the node hook system that would be a tremendous performance hit. In the past, there have been great debates about whether users or comments should be nodes. Be warned that raising this argument is like shouting Emacs is better! at a programming convention.

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